Dinner @ Tom’s (Colicchio)

Yah! Our dear friend Tom invited us for dinner…every Top Chef fan’s dream.

Okay, the real story begins here. After a few days in Vegas without enough sleep, a steak dinner was in order! Why not eat right in our hotel? Except Bon Jovi was playing at our hotel that night. But it was suggested if we come in around 9, we can more than likely find a spot in the bar. The advice worked! We walked right in as two places were opening up at the bar.

We had already scoped out the menu to know what we wanted, so we challenged our bartender with a good red bottle of wine in our price range. She came through with a pour from Justin – 2008 Cab. We invested in a bottle. (And the nice gentlemen from Atlanta shared some tips on other bottles we might like as they work by day as wine distributors.)

Now comes the meal that would bring us back to life for another night of dancing…Like most meals, we started with a little salted bread topped with a little butter. Usually I skip the bread, but not tonight! Our main course was the 10 oz filet minion with snap peas and potatoes gratin. The goal was to eat variations of veggies and potatoes that we wouldn’t take the time to make at home. Goal achieved!

As we finished our meal and poured our last glass of wine, a new friend (Marc from New Jersey – got to make this blog feel like you are in Vegas where every nametag includes a hometown) beckoned us to move down a few chairs and chat with with him as we enjoyed our wine. Marc had just ordered his dinner and talked us into trying a few of his plates: we taste-tested oysters and angus skirt steak.

Of course, we did finish our wine before his meal was complete. So he kindly shared his bottle, an Abacus. He also insisted on a round of dessert port, a 40 year old tawny port. We were really ready to go dancing now!

The location:

craftsteak | 3799 South Las Vegas Boulevard | Las Vegas, NV 89109 | 702.891.7318 | Website

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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