Who Rides a School Bus on Saturday Night?

We do! My childhood companions cleared their calendars for a girls night out on the streets of Portland – and we had a night that couldn’t have been scripted if we tried!

The Recipe:

Start with Four FABULOUS women (we recommend that you designate one as driver – many thanks, Chris!)

For the appetizer round, add:

Red wine (two of the fabulous women supplied local favorites (Bethany Vineyards) and an Italian Barbara (just because the last time we sipped from the Bethany Vineyards barrels, the Barabara was this crowd’s favorite.

The actual bottles:

  • 2008 Bethany Vineyards Dora Mia Red Table Wine,
  • 2007 Araldica Albera Barbara Prodotto in Italia, and a
  • 2009 Bethany Vineyards Barbara)

Cheese (Brie is a pretty good one), Fruit (pears, grapes, berries) and crackers

For the second course:

Travel by car to downtown Portland. First stop, dinner at Urban Farmer. What? We are too late for our reservation? Let’s go anyway. Walking down the street a few blocks later, it appears we went the wrong way and are at the elevator up to the amazing views from the Portland City Grill. Let’s go with plan B and get in the elevator. When we arrive at the top, we are told happy hour starts in the bar in six minutes. No need to twist our arms…in we head in search of a table with a spectacular view. And we quickly make friends with a table that includes plenty of room for the four of us. Enjoy more eats, more beverages (a grapefruit mojito for me) and “entertaining” company. The oddity: Our table mate travels with his own water. Yes, he even went down to the parking garage to refill his water bottle.

Next course:

Time for the main event – DANCING! All we care about it good dancing music and, so far, everyone we met has an opinion. Once the decision has been made on our next location, we scoot out into the street to find about 20 people dressed in costume waiting for a school bus. What? Yes, you read that right. It’s around 11pm Saturday night in downtown Portland. Next thing we know we have been invited to come with them to dance at the Lotus. Seems like the right thing to do…until I am on the bus and discover the man sitting behind me is wearing a medusa wig. But, we all have a beer in hand so how bad can it be?

So we arrive at the Lotus for dancing (to karaoke music, no less). We enjoy for a while, then are swept away to another dancing location by other new friends from the Portland City Grill. (Jen convinced them it was my birthday. She was right, it was the two month anniversary of my birthday). We boycott Dirty – who needs to pay a $20 cover at this hour – and head into Barracuda to dance…and dance…and dance.


Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

2 thoughts on “Who Rides a School Bus on Saturday Night?”

  1. I’m assuming you know this, (but I hate to assume!!) you know Beth Spencer who was an under class man is the “Bethany” of Bethanys Vineyards?

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