San Luis Obispo – Mixing New Memories with the Old

A weekend with my college BFFs is always fabulous. This time it was over the top FABULOUS as we “road tripped” back to our college town. Oh, where do I start?

The Flight

For once,  I arrived at the airport with plenty of time. Even indulged in a piece of warm blueberry coffee cake from Anthony’s before I boarded my flight. And the flight down included the first round of drinks of the weekend. My traveling companions where headed our a town on a boy’s weekend on hiking in Yosemite. They were childhood friends from Milwaukee, so they got the significance of my excitement about my upcoming weekend.

The Road Trip

Of course, we needed sustenance before taking off for the three hour drive. Heidi took us to her favorite place for sun and sandwiches – after all it was t-shirt weather! And I learned that La Villa has a FABULOUS Italian combo. The balsamic vinegar made the sandwich! Soon, we headed out for a sunny and green drive down the 101. Along the way we shared stories of school challenges, parenting fun and an old memory or two. Which made us miss Meg. And we decided to remedy that. We knew she lived close to SLO, yet couldn’t get thru to any number we had. Good thing her parents haven’t changed their number. Let the stalking begin…

Pit Stop

Paso Robles was calling us – time for a snack. A snack like chips and salsa. With the help of our new friend at the Chamber, we found Papi’s just off the square. YUM! We didn’t stop with chips and salsa – their tacos were featured in the March 2000 Sunset magazine at the best tacos in California. We had to try that. And we tried every salsa concoction in the place. An new memory (and a great place to return to eat more FABULOUS tacos and explore the town).

We Arrive!

We make the final leg of the journey, quickly check into our hotel and head over to campus. Wow – the new dorms are amazing (we probably would still be there if we lived like that!). Plenty of new buildings too. Laughter.  A trip to El Corral to replenish our worn our Cal Poly attire. More laughter. Starbucks stop (on campus!) to perk us back up. Spotted the new AOII house. Took a walk down memory lane through the halls of the AGR house. And lots of laughter. And best of all, a call from Meg. Wish you could have joined us Meg – next time!

Refuel & Relax

We realized we were so busy around campus that the dinner hour had passed. We sought out food to Mother’s Tavern. We toyed with hanging out to dance, however decided a chick flick was in order. We decided at our hotel was Dear John. So, of course, we were up after midnight hanging out like so many nights as college girls. Now if we could only get carded again, we would really feel like it was the good ol’ days!

Day 2 – New Memories

The reason that we choose this weekend, this location was the 25th anniversary celebration of the AOII sorority chapter that brought us together as best  friends.  So it was time for lunch – and running into lots and lots of old friends (some that we had connected with on Facebook, some not). The best part of lunch was that we had four great college students dine with us at the Monday Club (stories from parties here almost two decades ago will not be part of this blog). Thanks Alex, Sam, Kenzie and Carleigh for sharing your adventures with us!

Afternoon Adventures

We didn’t get far. We relaxed and shared stories of our time at Cal Poly with Alex, Sam, Kenzie and Kelly as we toured the house and their adventures. Kenzie showed off some of her jewelry creations (and I am the proud owner of a new ring). Kelly caught a swarm of bees that morning so I took a field trip to check them out. Not everyone touring the house was so sure of her project. Gotta love the Cal Poly motto “learning by doing” is still alive.

Bulls and Beyond

Tonight, we planned ahead and fueled up on food early. The plan was to converge on Bulls Tavern around 8 to 1) make sure we all get in and 2) don’t wait too long in line. So we arrived a bit after 8 and grabbed our first round. It seemed way to clean to be the Bulls we remembered (it wasn’t, it is next door as the old location was condemned a year ago). Another round was consumed before Sam, Kenzie, Kelly, Carleigh and Carolyn started our tour of SLO bars today. Marston’s was next up (yes, we got carded…call it is courtesy card if you want, we don’t care). However we quickly moved on to SLO Brewing Co. We found a table, a few pitchers, some ping pong balls and quarters. Let the laughter begin! Since the lines were now long downtown, we just stayed here. And, strangely enough there is a dance floor now downstairs! FABULOUS FUN in every moment…all night long!

The End

Of course, the weekend came to a close what felt like moments after we got together. Until the next FABULOUS weekend, I’ll miss you all!

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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