The Shultz Girls Take On Victoria

It’s finally spring break…and we sneak out of town for a few days for a little R&R. Just a quick Clipper ride away, we arrive in Victoria early in the morning.

We have lots of tips and ideas on what we will accomplish in three days. There is so much to do here!

My idea list:

  • Spa time. Massage. Facial. More?
  • Good food: Rebar, Pescatones, and hopefully a new place or two.
  • Some wine. Chocolate. (I came stocked with both).
  • Maybe find the fabulous shoes I have been looking for since my birthday.
Her idea  list:
  • Shopping.
  • Shopping.
  • Shopping.
The actual events…

Day One.
We arrived at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa. Not sure we should leave our room. Our very comfy room has a fabulous view of the inner harbor including The Empress, Parliament, all the yachts, and more. Plus, we have an entrance to a very large deck. Hope it is sunny one more for pastries and tea on the deck. Can’t wait to see the city lit up tonight (should have brought my tri-pod)!
After settling into our hotel, we headed over to the Parliament building. What a beautiful place! The rotunda, the stained glass, the expansive front lawn, the native totems. As it started to rain, we ducked into the Royal British Columbia Museum to wander through the natural history (both people and animals). Both were fascinating; Bailie had more fun looking at animal skeletons under microscopes. Lots of interaction opportunities! Next up – High Tea at The Empress. With full stomachs, we head back to our hotel for swimming, dinner and relaxing in bed.
Day Two.
Starts with spa time! After a morning of me time, we head out to find a morning treat. Cinnamon bun for Bailie, chocolate almond croissant and chai tea for me. All refreshed to wander through a few shops. Quickly found Baggin’s, Bailie’s dream store. Filled to the brim with Converse in every color, low to high-top, higher-top and knee-high. After perusing through more shops, we found the store I was looking for – She She Shoes.
A bit of damage later, it was time to refuel at Rebar. Then out the door to enjoy the blue sky that has recently appeared. We walked down the harbor path and around to the Breakers. As we ventured on to Beacon Hill Park, we stopped to play in the rocks, sand, seaweed and shells. Exploring the tidal pools, we found urchins, limpets, mussels, snails and more. We came home with a pile of polished sea glass and a belly full of ice cream. We finished the day with dinner at Pescatores.

Day Three.

Our final day away. Our final day to shop. Most of the day was spent poking around stores as Bailie scored new Converse, a sweatshirt with monkey thumbs and a birthday party dress for the big day in June. Of course, we also found a store with chocolate goodies never found at home. Between shops, we sat outside and enjoyed soaking up some Vit D.

On the ferry trip home, we sat with a couple from Atlanta. They had grandkids Bailie’s age, so it made the ride much quicker for her!

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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