Port, Starboard, Port, Starboard, Port

A early ferry to Bainbridge Island under the blue summer sky started a FABULOUS weekend adventure.

We arrived at the Eagle Harbor Marina to board a sailboat. The Shultz girls were the rookie part of the crew in a sailing race. (I can could the number of times I have been on a sail boat on part of one hand. And I was a race virgin.)

  • We quickly learned a new language. Truely, we only learned a few of the many sailing terms. We perfected “TACK” (at least the rookie version). Tack means get your butt to the other side. Feet over the rail as fast as you can.
  • Color is important. There are lots of colorful ropes that some one needs to keep track of. White. White with blue flecks. Blue. Red. White with red flecks. And a few more colors. Don’t tangle to ropes, either.
  • Don’t ask me the terms for the different sails. They have already escaped my memory.

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We did have lots of FUN. Fabulous fun. Even when the tug boat wake took cold to another level when we got soaked. I didn’t know I could be so cold on an 80 degree summer day! My legs were covered with goosebumps and my hood covered my head until I warmed back up.

We finished the race behind at least three other boats. Then we headed back to Eagle Harbor. Took it a bit slower, learned a bit more about sailing downwind. Toyed with learning to let the sail catch more air. Enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Wondered if sailing downwind is always warmer. Got back to the marina and cleaned out the boat. Finally got to empty my bladder (only downside of the day).

Port Madison
Time for dinner – a salmon bake potluck at the Port Madison Yacht Club. Reminded me more of a few Harley clubhouses I have celebrated at in my “youth”. No signs to announce the location. A dirt driveway. A totem marker. Delicious salmon! Kids running around the shore, on the dock. Real summer fun!

As the sun sets, the celebration disperses. We head to the Tison hotel for an evening with my Aunt and Uncle. Sitting on their deck. Drinking Clos Du Val Cab. Watching the boats go in and out of Port Madison as the star start to light up the sky. More summer fun!

Before jumping on the ferry home, we decide to explore and enjoy the summer sun. We poke our nose into local shops (I even saw a few potential present ideas). Eat delicious Napoleon pizza at Hitchcock followed by the flavors of Mora Ice Cream (white chocolate, dulce de leche, vanilla with chocolate shavings, coconut, swiss chocolate). And we picked up our favorite Ginger cookies on our way out of town.
Yes, it was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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