Four Adjectives

As I was thinking a year ago about starting My Fabulous Forty Things Project, I shared my ideas with some of my close friends. They were happy to brainstorm ideas on how to get my list to 40 things. In fact, I give on friend the credit for blogging – I never thought to keep track of my project in a public space.

This post is about a great suggestion:

“Collect feedback  from 40 friends, asking each friend to describe me with four adjectives”

So I have invited 40 friends to share their thoughts about four adjectives that describe me from their perspective. I am excited to check in the next few days and see what has been posted.



The Ultimate Shoe Present

I am a “bit” of a shoe person. I will qualify that by saying not a week goes buy that someone comments on at least one pair of my shoes. {And I enjoy gracefully accepting their compliments.}

Yet, I have never thought about designing my own shoes…until now.

Tonight I got lost in the fun of designing (truly, it is customizing at a nice fee) my own shoes at Milk & Honey. I’ll admit it was hard to even stop playing and blog. My dilemma is that if I am going to design my own pair, what really is the best attributes of all of my favorite pairs combined into one? Let’s start with the easy stuff:

  • Style – No contest – Pump. Seriously, I live in Seattle. If I am going to design my own shoe, I want it to be a pair that I can wear any day I choose. Sandals need sun. Flats…well, they just tend to be boring. 
  • Heel height – No brainier – 3 inches. Not too high for walking in all day – especially if an impromptu meeting arises three blocks away or I park on the seventh floor and decide to climb the stairs to my car at the end of the day. Either is doable in 3 inches. 
  • Toe – Rounder is my first choice, just because it tends to be a classic. I do like a lot of the options, though. 
  • Closed back or strap – Oh, the dilemma begins. I can go either way. (Not ready to say both until I get a pair and decide if my feet also think they are comfortable because I much as I like shoes, I DON’T wear painful ones more than once). Lean towards strap just because I find myself gravitating towards a strap many mornings.
  • Color – Now I am overwhelmed. Red? Shade of gray? Textures? Oh, I just can’t decide. And for some reason the share link doesn’t work, so I can’ t post here to collect opinions. This feels like a decision for another day. 

Bottom line — I just might have to buy myself a pair for my 41st birthday! That gives me plenty of time to decide on color.

Day of Music

Oh, what a great day! We took advantage of the Seattle Symphony’s free event enjoying at least one song from six different musicals groups. And each was a different genre. All in about two hours. Wow!

  • First, we walked into the middle of “The Baudboys”, an a capella group of self-proclaimed geeks.
  • We strolled by the violin duo of Timothy Garland and Victoria Parker.
  • Then we checked out the balcony seats while listening to the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra. Bailie chair danced. And I ordered our tickets later than night to Handel’s Messiah (the seats we found were open and calling our names).
  • We listened to the Seattle Symphony Musicians play some of Beethoven and Mozart most recognized pieces (Bailie thought it was boring).
  • In effort to head to lunch, we got lost and enjoyed a few Beatles covers courtesy of Lohan Prado.
  • And we finally stopped in the garden on our way out to listen to Youth Rescue Mission.
It was a great way to explore several genres and think about what concerts we may want to see throughout the rest of the year. It was also a great excuse to stop at Beecher’s for some of their famous Mac and Cheese and take an walk through the treasures of the Pike Place Market. A very FABULOUS day with my girl!

Day of Caring

Before motherhood, I found time to volunteer. Not that I don’t volunteer now at school, swim team, etc, however I miss volunteering to help strangers in need. So today, I embarked on an old tradition – participating in the Day of Caring.

I worked at the Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center. My job was easy – stenciling and painting letters for the sign that announced their Neighborhood Park project. I had my eyes opened to the world of non-profits and their approach to being cost efficient. It is amazing to me that the stencils we used where created by printing the alphabet on card stock, then hand cutting. And the staff didn’t want to push us to work to fast to get the whole sign stenciled and painted. I still think we could have finished it. While we painted…others did the hard work (on their callus and blisters) digging up an entire lot by hand.

The thank you email from the United Way shows the shear impact the work just in King County…

“It was an amazing day of community transformation, and you were an integral part of it. 11,000 volunteers from 122 companies shared their time and talents on 416 projects and donated an estimated $1.1 million worth of labor. “

Want more details? Visit the United Way of King County website. 


On a side note, I have to admit I feel like I cheated a bit. Everything was selected for me – all I had to do was accept an Outlook meeting invite. So, next time I write about volunteering, I will make the time to pick something that resonates with me (for whatever I choose that day!).

Day of Fun (Courtesy of the Jar of Fun)

Bailie crawled into bed with me one recent Friday night saying “we need to do some things in this book together”. The title of the book is “Just Mom and Me“. As we flip through and read about the activities and fill in some questions about each other, we come across:

  • “Shop and save” where you shop second hand stores or garage sales for an entire outfit on a $10 budget.
  • “License to laugh”, a game for driving where you take license plate letters and create silly sayings.
  • And our favorite, “Jar of Fun”, where you fill a jar with things to do together.

So we bought a jar at the Goodwill (we did attempt the entire outfit on the $10 budget, but ended up with the jar instead). So we filled the jar with fun — both the books list and a bunch of our own ideas. Now, once a month we can say “Let the FUN begin!”, then pick something from the jar. (However this month, we decided to bypass the jar and go to the Seattle Symphony’s “Day of Music“.

Secretly, I wonder if her watching me post to this blog and talk to friends about my fabulous list brought on this request. I guess I hope my project inspired her. Regardless, my role is to enjoy the “Jar of Fun”.