Little Awesome Things That Make Me Happy

Today I am resting on the couch, doing as little as possible to recover from the cold that Bailie has shared with me. I can’t just sit here all day long, so I am catching up on my blog/newsletter/email/etc reading.

One of my favorite online places to read is Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project Blog (or sometimes I just read the newsletter). Each month, she recaps the most dicussed blog posts, Facebook posts, etc. And this section of her newsletter gave me an idea for another FABULOUS thing to write about on my blog. Her entry:

Hot Topic of the Month

The post that generated the most buzz on my blog.

What little awesome things make you happy? provoked a huge number of suggestions of awesome things.

Oh, and the list is awesome — both her list and the posts from readers. To make this more fun for me (while I sit on the couch), I am going to create a list of ten awesome things by decade. I am even pulling out old photos and scrapbooks to get ideas.

{{Expect updates as I am publishing as I think}}

Decade 1: 1971-1980

  • Playing for hours outside – especially building forts out of sticks and twine.
  • Making cookies or brownies, which was even more of a treat when I was old enough to do it all by myself.
  • Painting picture (one watercolor still hangs in my guest bedroom. Thanks, Mom, for saving it all these years).
  • Water fights. So, I didn’t like it in my face. It was still fun.
  • Nature sales.
  • Riding on the tractor. Especially with Jacque raking hay and singing songs. How else do you learn to sing “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” when you are seven?
  • Being allowed to help feed calves or sheep.
  • Digging my snack out of the garden whenever I was hungry. Carrots and raspberries were my favorite.
  • Kaleidoscopes – what a great toy
  • Popsicles, especially lime

Decade 2: 1981-1990

  • Growing taller than all the women in my family (first outgrowing their shoe size – although that may have actually started to happen in the last decade).
  • The stories Jen, Erin, Tonia and I can still laugh about over a bottle of red wine (and Bailie’s look of disbelief as she hears them).
  • Decorating my pee chee.
  • Bored in class, taking all notes left handed.
  • M&M blizzard made with chocolate ice cream.
  • Living next to a creek.
  • Roadside conversations.

Decade 3: 1991-2000

  • San Luis Obispo – No better place to go to college.
  • Farmer’s Market on Thursday nights in SLO or Saturday mornings in Madison.
  • Summer nights at the U.
  • And the decade ended with the birth of Bailie, what a way to start out the next decade! {{Wait, that isn’t a little thing. But she certainly brings lots of little things into my life, so I am leaving it. }}
  • Bailie’s baby giggle.
  • Bailie’s discovery of herself in a mirror. I laugh about those memories still. So glad I grabbed the camera to catch her bewilderment.

Decade 4: 2001-2010

  • Bailie’s snuggling, especially when she was a baby and liked to push up so the top of her head was smashed against my chin.
  • A child’s imagination – not just Bailie’s but also getting to see all of her cousins and friends imagine without limits.
  • Going back to the kid’s table – then getting to leave it again.
  • Breathing through my nose every day or “outgrowing my allergies”
  • Eight or more hours of sleep a night.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Time alone to tune out the world while riding public transportation.
  • New Suduko personal bests.
  • Discovering dark chocolate caramels sprinkled with sea salt.
  • The pool snack shack.

Decade 5: 2011 (For the first time it hits me that I am in my 5th decade. Ouch!)

  • The Fabulous Forty project – and peoples reactions to it! Love the thoughts coming in on Four Adjectives. Thank you, dear friends, for participating!
  • New kitchen tools.
  • My daughter exclaiming “I hope you pick me up from school today” (the only benefit to being sick).
  • Can’t wait for more…

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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