Surfer Girl(s)

For many years, one of the items on my bucket list (renamed 40 Fabulous Things) was to learn to surf. Yes, I want to be a surfer girl!

Today was the day I was going to try it out. So,what happens when you start with Kihei Cove and add:

  • 18 family members (yeah, I am on vacation in Hawaii with the my very own Shultz family)
  • 36 surf booties
  • 18 surf boards
  • 2 instructors
  • 4 hours of paddling, standing, near misses and wipe outs

You get SUCCESS, surfer girls and boys! Every one surfed (yes, stood completely) at least once (and thankfully a photographer was there to provide proof for each of us).

My day started with my camera in hand as the kids started off their fitting and land portion of their lesson. Then I got a few great shots as they picked up their surfboards and migrated to the shore in a single file line. Fired off a few more shots as the lined up their boards and began paddling out beyond the breaking waves. Then, the fun began! The kids made it look easy!!! (I walked out in the water to take a couple hundred shots; what can I say, it takes a lot of shots to get the money ones.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then it was the adults turn. We repeated the gear fitting, land lessons, a parading through the park with our surfboards, entering the water and paddling out (further than the kids). That is where our story veered into a bit different direction. Let’s just say it was a little more challenging than the kids made it look. It did get up on my third try, so I have to say I felt a sense of accomplishment! Although it was a little eerie as they sent to of us at once and my Dad seemed like he was less than 10 feet away. Keeping centered on the board seemed to be my biggest challenge. As with the exception of the first time up, forgot there were others that could be headed in the same direction. So, I personally wiped out a few times, drank enough salt water to belch and collided more than once with another family member. My own mother even knocked me off my board! I forgive you, Mom.

And, a mere eight hours later as I write this, I am feeling the stiffness settle into my shoulders. Yes, it was a great workout!

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

4 thoughts on “Surfer Girl(s)”

  1. I’m not stalking you. But leaving yet another comment is appropriate considering when we go in February, we are going with our family in a party of 18 (well, it’s debatable since 2 are undecided so it might end up being a party of 20). I can say that one difference will be (for certain) I will NOT be surfing. I’m proud of you and a little bit envious…but not enough to actually venture into the ocean and do it. I’m a beach goer, not a water lover. Give me the pool and jacuzzi, though…With a drink topped off w/ an umbrella.
    Until then, I’ll live vicariously through your posts.

  2. Sounds great! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Maui. Last Hawaii trip was to Kauai (which was totally fabulous). We’ll be in Maui for 12 days of bliss and I would love to have any suggestions you want to share. I have the travel guide book but it’s still too hard to know what is truly a “not miss” and what we really won’t miss if we don’t do it. 🙂 My mother in law wants to do the zip line since she did that in Mexico and loved it.

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