Farmer’s Market Season Over…What’s Next?

This summer was about buying our produce from local farmers at whichever Farmer’s Market we could find (usually Renton, Issaquah or the Valley Hospital). We feasted on:

  • Beets – roasted, of course, often with goat cheese
  • Green beans – quickly blanched, although a few were devoured raw
  • Apples – sliced with peanut butter is our favorite
  • Tomatoes – so many different varieties, so many ways to prepare
  • Raspberries – my favorite treat alone, with cottage cheese, dipped in chocolate, wrapped in a tart
  • Blueberries – by the handful, in salads, smoothies, or chocolate – yum
  • Peaches – juicy and sweet, eat sliced or on ice cream
  • Onions – sweets, yellow, red – all wonderful
  • Potatoes – whichever way Bailie requested

Now that Farmer’s Market season is over and we are back from vacation, it is time to find a new source for our vegetables. Luckily, I already know the answer. Last spring, Full Circle Farm had an offer on Groupon. Just activated it…so looking forward to picking up our first box and checking out the surprises inside on Wednesday.

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

One thought on “Farmer’s Market Season Over…What’s Next?”

  1. So excited for my first box of produce:
    Italian Parsley
    Red Beets
    Red Radishes
    Delicata Squash
    Red Bibb Lettuce
    Green Kale
    Gala Apples
    Valencia Oranges
    Flavorich Pluots
    Bartlett Pears

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