Before we know it, every shopping trip is going to remind me it is the “season of giving”. Today, we decided to get a jump on the season of giving when I got a simple email.

Back story: A few weeks ago, I was handed a $10 gift card at my local Starbucks to A few days later, I went online and choose a project to donate to. Today, I received an email from the teacher. So I shared with Bailie and we decided to choose a different project every month to support. We even selected next class tonight, at Bailie – my clarinet player’s – insistence:

Why Yes! I Do Play the Clarinet!

My Students: For me, the sound of a band playing gives me the same feeling that being kissed for the first time did, or jumping off of a high dive or running so fast you feel like you are… My Project: With your help, I can put clarinets into the hands of students who desperately need them. Being able to play an instrument is a life long skill that will help these kids.

My students need 2 clarinets, with reeds and violin shoulder rests!

First month down, now to add a reminder to my calendar for next month…and the next month. It feels FABULOUS to give in ANY season!

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

2 thoughts on “Give…Give…Give”

  1. AMEN!!! If each of us just changed our shopping habits, so much could change for the better for others…from using search engines that give back to charities ( to shopping online at, buying locally or buying from African villages to help them get clean water…well, anyway, I LOVE what you are doing.

  2. We received a thank note today from the teacher that Bailie selected. After reading the thank you note, Bailie commented “that’s sweet that she took her time to thank us”.

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