Marketing Memories

What a trip down memory lane today was…I attended a marketing class on value propositions and storytelling. It was fun to think about the brand management days of my past. Complete with discussions about company tattoos on backsides.

We talked about value. Value is different to each and every one of us, for each product and service. We are all unique in the value we choose to place on something.

We talked about propositions. The offer of an experience (products, services) along with their benefits (such as convenience, ease of use, etc).

Then we put the value and proposition together. And the three pillars of strong value propositions. Resonate. Differentiate. Substantiate. I thought of thirteen years ago when meetings went on for days to discover what really differentiated my company in the eyes of our clients (and non-clients). Those were also the days were I learned PowerPoint.  How would I function today without my PP skills?

We talked about perceptions. Oh, yes, this was my favorite. Rattling in the back of my head was the wisdom of a former CMO. “First rule of marketing: perception is reality. Second rule of marketing: frogs sell beer.”

Then we moved on to storytelling. And talked about brands, like Harley Davidson and Nike, that are great storytellers. (And that brought back memories of late nights at the Capital City Riders Clubhouse). We talked about brands that have created personas to humanize their brands (or that their competition has created humanized versions for them).

What a fabulous day to reflect upon the marketing knowledge of my past and refresh it for the future. We learn so much that we forget! But it all comes out of the vault.

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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