Oh, Chocolate…Oh, Fabulous Chocolate

At Oh! Chocolates…

Somewhere near the top of my list is the desire to take a chocolate making class. I am now thinking it would be better to take more than one class. Of course, chocolate is FABULOUS! How can a class not be?

Michelle and I headed out Sunday evening for our chocolate making adventure. Class started with a family history lesson (one instructor is a fourth generation candy maker, the other his brother). Then we moved into a chocolate lesson, learning about how it is grown, harvested and turned into my favorite meal. We started by tasting:

  • Cacao Nibs – Smashed cacao beans. Purist form of chocolate, great for rubs, using like herbs, mole sauce
  • Bittersweet Chocolate – Coats your mouth, layers of flavor, very stable. Matches the notes in a Cab with chocolate tones (I finally get that now). Best for making chocolate mayonnaise. I know, sounds odd. Must be tried.
  • Semi-sweet Chocolate – Very clean, fast finish. Comes from the vanilla flavors that make it sweeter.
  • Milk Chocolate – I forgot it could be so good. More of a caramel finish. Instructor recommends keeping 60 lbs of milk chocolate instead of an earthquake kit.
  • White Chocolate – It is really cocoa butter, so it must be ivory in color (or don’t eat it). Also very creamy and delicious.
  • Oh, but first we drank hot chocolate. Not sure there was any milk in it. Thick and delicious.
Then we dipped. Played in chocolate puddles is more like it. Covering all kinds of cookies and snacks in dark chocolate. And I have the finger prints to prove it.
And, yes, Oh! Chocolate regularly hosts Chocolate Classes at our Madison Park Chocolate Shop for those who want to know more about their favorite indulgence and for those who just want to “play in the chocolate!” Invite me to go with you – I’d do it again!

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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