Girls Night Out…

Followed by a Girls Morning Out!

First, for the night out:

We started with dinner – a quick burger and fries complete with chocolate milkshake. It was time to shop!

At Nordstroms’ Private Holiday Event. We joined the crowd to get in the door. An entry way surrounded by trays of champagne and finger foods. We headed first to the top floor for the shoes and clothes for girls. It was hard not to buy the best tee I have seen in a long time – Only Boring People Are Bored. But it didn’t come in my size!

After finishing the small size tour, it was time to see what came in Mom’s size. I found a few times to try on as did she. Then we had help from the staff. Walked out with a few items – yet not one that I picked out! My favorite was a toss up; either a green blouse perfect for this holiday (and St. Patrick’s Day too) or a comfy cobalt blue dress.

Fabulous Holiday Shoes
Can't wait to break these in!

And the final stop. Shoes. Where else do you finish a great evening? I picked up the MOST FABULOUS pair of party shoes for the holiday and beyond. Thank you, Vince!

Oh, wait. One more stop. Found the perfect purple loop scarf.

Then the morning recap:

At the Rack Holiday Event. No champagne and fancy treats. But coffee and donuts.

And lots and lots of good racks to browse. We started with the jewels. Found perfect earrings to match my shoes.

Found a peacoat/cape combination that I wasn’t in the market for. But the price was FABULOUS. And it was perfect for wearing to holiday events.

And Paige leggings at an amazing price. Yes, we found a pile of options to accompany our shopping trip last night.

Bailie isn’t sure she ever needs to get up at the crack of dawn for Black Friday. Getting home at 10:30 then heading out at 8am was not as much fun as she hoped!

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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