First Official Teen Birthday Party

It came in the mail last week. Her first invitation to an official teen birthday. Yes, her first classmate is turning 13. And she got invited. Oh, did we mention it’s a boy? Not to worry, this boy is like a brother. Oh, yes, but are his friends?

She processes:

  • First reaction – I’m not going. I might be the only girl.
  • Suggestion – before you make a decisions, ask him if invited other girls.
  • Day 2 reaction – one of the other girls informed her that a total of four girls were invited.

I process: Good thing it is a laser tag party, but it doesn’t seem like the parties when some of the boys in my class turned 13. I have memories of an awkward barn dance as my first boy/girl party. Or in a basement watching Miami Vice (dancing before and after, of course).

She processes:

  • Day 3 reaction – she calls and RSVPs. Without me telling her. Just takes ca of business like she has been doing this for years. Eleven one day, twenty one the next.
  • Day 4 reaction – yikes! What do we get a 13 year old boy?
  • Mom saves the day – gift card for iTunes or Amazon? Everyone has an iPod or a Kindle right? We don’t live in the most wired part of the USA.
  • Day 5 – what do I wear? I know what you are thinking..but she is concerned about the black light in the game showing the stitching on her clothes. She wants to score more points than anyone else…especially one boy who has been telling her all week he is going to kill her.

Is it time for this party yet?

The day finally arrives. The hour finally arrives. The outfit has nothing that will glow. The hair is pulled back so it wont get in her face. The birthday card is in hand. Let’s go!

We pick you another girl on our way. And when we pull around the corner, we can see a group of boys throwing the football in the front yard. The girls barely let me stop before jumping out. On of the boys yells “Bailie’s here. Let’s get this party started” Not one look back or thank you from the girls as I drive quickly away. I guess I’m officially 100% not cool anymore.

And the recap post party: Laser tag rocked. She didn’t kill the boy that taunted her – they were on the same team. And the other group they played against – a group of summer swim friends. Which cemented how cool it is to have activities outside of school.

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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