A Little Sonoma R&R

After a great start to our time away with dinner at Zazu, our days were spend filled with lots of rest and relaxation.


Sunday started at the Mission Inn Spa. We got there early to enjoy the mineral hot springs prior to our spa treatments. He chose a simple massage, where I went all out with the Sonoma Organic Lavender Kur, a treatment that focused on total stress relief. I started with a lavender bubble bath that works to softens the skin, relieves muscle aches and delights the senses. Then I got all wrapped up in a botanical body wrap and finished with wonderful massage.

After all that relaxing and soaking and massaging, it was time to eat. We had brunch reservations at the Girl and the Fig on the Sonoma Square.

With full bellies, we headed north to the Healdsburg Square. We had no real plan so we parked and walked into the closest winery, Thumbprint. It wasn’t the best wine of the day, but she did provide us a few recommendations. We headed around the corner to Stephens & Walker. And Bill fell in love. A wine club membership and a few new bottles later, we headed to Portalupi. Another joyful stop with wonderful bold reds, including a very nice Barbera. In fact, we learned that they have produced some of the top ranking Barbera’s in the world many years. Our final stop of the night was at JCB, a bubbly shop on the square. Bill was happy to find a new domestic bubbly that he enjoyed. To finish the day, we stopped at the market and picked up dinner and picnic fixings for the next day.


As the sun came up, so did we. We wanted to head out to Point Reyes and see the earliest light possible (I am selfish, I want amazing photographs). As we headed west, the sky lit up with amazing colors. We got to Point Reyes in time to explore a quiet beach. Quiet because no one else had made it there yet. But not quiet in that the sound of the waves crashing on the surf filled the air. The tides and surf are so strong here that there are many signs warning of swimming and the swirls in the sand show the crazy undertow. The beach life was rather quiet, but we did pick up a few sand dollar skeletons before heading down the road to the lighthouse. And got side-tracked along the way by the dairy farms and curious heifers. And curious Bill asking many questions about the life cycle of cows and dairy farm life. We did make it to the lighthouse, where we hiked down (and up) the 30 flight of stairs. The lighthouse has kept up with current technology, while leaving the old technology in place makng it a museum of changes from the past 100 years. Maybe the most fun was peering over the edge, we could see seals bobbing in the water.

As we headed back, we stopped at Cowgirl Creamery where we were disappointed to find them closed for the day. We had devoured the wheel of cheese we found already and needed more! Next stop: wine. (Bill was focused on tasting wine today before 1pm as yesterday it was close to 3 when we started). And we made it to Sonoma Port Works in Petaluma (and hit the goal of tasting before 1). Six ports and two sherry’s later, we headed out the door with some ideas of holiday dinners (and a hazelnut sherry and balsamic vinegar in tow).

Intregued yesterday while at the Girl and Fig by the Sonoma Square, we headed back there (and I did research prior while Bill cooked dinner). Before tasting, we found a sunny spot on the square to finish our picnic lunch (some was eaten on the drive). With the food intake complete, it was time to taste:

  • Highway 12
  • Spann
  • Sigh
  • Bryter
  • Kamen
  • Ledson

Dinner tonight was at the home of Dennis and Vicky, champagne importers that Bill has befriended in the last few years. And after Dennis opened a few bottles, I am beginning to understand Bill’s fascination with champagne. The less (or smaller) bubbles don’t tickle my nose and get as in the way of me actually smelling the wine.


Being his birthday day, Tuesday was worthy of its own post. As was birthday dinner.


Travel day, already? We woke up to enjoy the sun. And a cup of tea. And one last soak in the hot tub. With lots of laughter and conversation. Some about the wedding planning. Really, it was more about the honeymoon. And no cake at the wedding. And we are not working in the kitchen (which is easier for me to say than him). Before we knew it, the car was packed and our journey back to our lives started.

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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