Ready. Set. Plan?

What dos every couple –or maybe it’s just the bride – do after they get engaged? Start planning. (Or maybe it’s start dress shopping?) We are bucking the normal trends (I think). Or immediate to do list was more of a wish list/priority list. Since we haven’t talked about getting married, neither of us knows where the others head is. And, I have never mentally planned my own wedding. I can’t think of one experience (at a wedding) where I thought “I want to do that at my own someday”.

What blurted out of our mouths the next 24 hours (in no particular order):

  • I want the gnocchi we had a dinner tonight as a wedding dinner course
  • Where do we want to go on our honeymoon?
  • We don’t have to serve cake, right?
  • I want it outdoors
  • Are we doing this next summer or in two summers?
  • You are not allowed in the kitchen
  • I want a big family dinner
  • I want fine dining

The best part about these random thoughts is the random places they came out! Driving back from dinner. Soaking in the hot tub the next morning. Driving to the airport.

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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