Achievement Reached: Gold

Warning: This is a shameless proud Mom post. Proceed with caution.

With Bailie’s third year swimming club well underway, we wrapped up the fall season with the divisional swim meet. So we packed up the car and headed to the State Capital for the weekend. For an 8 a.m. warm up time. Do you feel the love, yet?

Day 1 Races
200IM – She has never looked this focused in the water! She started the race with the first 50 fly leg shaving a few seconds off her personal best, and just used that momentum for the rest of the race. And it paid off with a time drop of over 27 seconds. Soon after the race, we learned that this meet was unique with final events for the top 12 swimmer to come back tonight and race in the finals. Yes, she earned her first trip to the finals!
50 Breast – The passion in her first race carried over into her breast, dropping over 5 seconds on a 50. She earned her first gold time and moved up from 33rd seed to swim in the finals for this race too.
100 Free – To finish up a great session, she dropped over 5 seconds in this race too.

After cheering on friends at the end of the sessions, it was time for a pool break. Bailie invited a friend to lunch and we headed out to explore Olympia. We only found lunch as the tour of the capital in the pouring rain was not so appealing today.

That evening at the finals, Bailie raced both events moving up a slot in her 50 breast and ending the same position in her 200IM. Luckily for all of us, she finished in the first half of the final sessions, so we still made our dinner reservations (and she ate like she swam three miles finished both her steak and her side of mac and cheese).

Day 2 Races
200 Free – Another stellar start of the day – and another final!
100 Breast – Guess what? Time drop. And, yes, another final!
50 Free – Yep, you knew it. Another time drop.

Before finals today, we found a McMenamin’s where she ate like there was no tomorrow and finally made it to tour the capital.

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For the 200 free final, Bailie swam her final 50 faster that she swam her 50 Free race in the morning. Which supports the coaches feedback all weekend to Bailie – no stroke corrections, only thoughts on how to pace, how to push, how to race.

Total: 6 New Personal Bests, 4 Top 12 Finishes, 1 Gold Time (First EVER)

Proud Mom’s Final Note: Less than two weeks ago, the girl choose to end her dance career and focus solely on swimming. It was fun to see her passion for swimming go to the next level this weekend.

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