Holiday Traditions

We have many holiday traditions in our house. What cookies we make. When and how we decorate. How we give gifts. Where we hang the stockings. How much we give to families in need. And the list goes on.

As much as a there is a holiday tradition that we abide by, we like to change things up too. Some times it is a new cookie recipe. This year, we are changing our new Christmas tree ornament tradition. In the past, a new ornament is found on Christmas morning in her stocking. This year, we are making ornaments.

Glass Blown Ornaments.

First, we needed to pick a day. So the girl called to figure out our options and book a time.

When the day arrived, we headed into the hot shop for our adventured. We were guided through the process…

  • First we picked from three shapes. Bill deviated from the girls by picking round while we went for tear drop.
  • Then we chose our colors. Bill went with traditional red and green. I chose red and brown. The girl selected teal and green like the sea.
  • Next, the blowing begins. The teacher picked a glop of glass and the student (us) rolled it in the oven to prepare it for the color.
  • Then it was time to add color and roll the color into the glass on the table top.
  • Back into the kiln to set the color.
  • Time to add the blown element. The teacher instructed us when to blow and how much as she shaped the ornament.
  • Then it was back in the fire to set.
  • Finally, a bead of glass was added to top. Complete!

Of course, it takes a few days to bring back to room temperature, so we had to return four days later to pick up our final creations. The memories and the ornaments will live with us for the years to come.

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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