Dress Hunting: Day Tres

Tonia was in town for Jamey’s birthday celebration – and we got to sneak in a third dress shopping trip. Another session with Leslie where she had sourced a few options from other locations. I quickly started playing dress-up and narrowed it down to two options, both strapless. Total opposite of my original plan, I know.

Dress #1 – Found searching through the Nordstrom site, a Jenny Yoo dress, chiffon, flowing

Dress #2 – An Adrienne Papell design, playing to my height and covered in vintage lace

Editor’s Note: Limited details are intentionally provided. Baile’s early request in the wedding planning was that I surprise Bill with my dress when I walk down the aisle. He can’t see it until that moment.

And Tonia seemed to have a lot of fun with the reality TV question of the show. “Is this the dress?” for those of you who never watch Say Yes to the Dress.

Most importantly, Bailie liked them both. So did I.

My decision, I took both! I have a few months to decide after all.