Spring Break: Arizona Arrival

I can’t help but think of the movie “Raising Arizona” as we board our flight for a few days in the warm sun. Bailie has her nose stuck in a book, so I am mostly on my own. The nose continues to focus on reading, until I chide her into putting it down and becoming my navigator about an hour’s drive north of Phoenix. She navigates us perfectly into Sedona, stopping at a viewpoint along the way to get some great photos of the red rocks. As we approach the heart of Sedona, ready for lunch, we struggle to find parking. Finally, we have success just a little east of town, finding a deli (and candy shop) to fill our empty bellies. Then we forge on through Flagstaff for both a refuel for us (breakfast and snacks for the upcoming days at the Grand Canyon) and for the car (as the map looks pretty uninhabited between here and there).

We pull into Grand Canyon National Park just in time for sunset. We just parked in the first lot we found and headed to the rim. Luckily, it was only intermittent clouds, so the sun reflected off the canyon walls to my delight (Bailie was delighted too, but the cool wind kept her thinking more about getting to our cabin). When we both could no longer stand the cold, we went in search of our cabin at the other end of the village. We stayed at Angel’s Peak in a cluster of cabin rooms complete with half bath and fridge (I could have bought more food in Flagstaff!) and then a community shower. To our liking, each shower was its own room so it didn’t feel like a locker room. Of course, the room paled in comparison to our last girls’ trip. We spent the evening planning our hike into the canyon the next day – and Bailie alternated between her book and researching the canyon rock formations. Dinner at the Lodge was nothing to write home about – Bailie was certain she could cook better food herself. The evening closed with a last look at the bright stars as the rain clouds have completely disappeared.

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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