Now that a shower is being planned, registering has become a top priority. Jamey is threatening not to send invitations until we get it done!

The good news (for us) is we have three simple needs:

  • China
  • Glasses
  • Flatware

We started with china. A few months back, we had a date night. We went to the movies at Lincoln Square and added a quick tour through several stores. The typical wedding registry ones. And we knew Macy’s had the largest selection. So we started there. We started by picking our top three and sharing them with each other. We had TWO that matched! And we were there for less than 15 minutes. So we just had to decide which one it was. It was really, really hard not to buy a place setting to take home and admire.We picked then one with the best tea cup. On to glasses…

That was a bit harder. We wanted both water glasses and wine glasses. But the water glass selection was not to our liking. Luckily, wine glasses were easier. And we wanted options. Stemless. Both white and red. And then stemmed. Champagne. White wine. And, our typical go-to-color: red. Although to Bailie it seemed like forever, in less than an hour, we had picked china and glasses.

As for flatware, that was a quick conversation before we even headed to shop. We were going to just add to one of our existing patterns. The only challenge was Bill wants 36 matching forks. Yes, 36!!! Why, you ask? Because when he plates multiple courses, he wants both new dishes and new flatware for each course. And I was very, very excited to find out that you can order “replacements” on Amazon. So the goal is 20 complete flatware sets, then additional forks to tally up to 36. Let the shopping begin…

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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