Afternoon @ the Frog

In effort to start solidifying wedding day plans, I wanted to venture to Willow’s Lodge to check out the early summer gardens and eat my first meal prepared by the Barking Frog staff. Plus, I was excited to share the space we had chosen with Bailie. It took A LOT of arm twisting to convince Bill this was a worthwhile adventure (ha ha!).

Luckily, we had an open Saturday in early June. No swim meet. Okay, no all day swim meet – it was Fairwood time trials in the morning. So after the final swim, we headed out for the day with a 1pm lunch reservation. And, to my disappoint, we arrived to find out brunch was served. No sampling of the dinner menu for me.

As we reviewed the menu, my little frown turned upside down and a smile developed. Although the food selection was not a sampling of the dinner menu, we enjoyed:

  • delicious beignets, lightly dusted with powdered sugar and still warm
  • thin, shoe-string French fries, golden and crispy
  • gooey, cheesy, yummy mac and cheese
  • perfectly grilled cheeseburger

(Yes, all menu choices were heavily influenced by the 13 year-old at the table.) We paired with a few different wines and then washed it all down with a scoop of each of the day’s homemade ice cream selections.

Full to the brim, we ventured over to the Willows Lodge garden.

Ideal ceremony location picked! We likely will stand up instead of sit, however.
Ideal ceremony location picked! We likely will stand up instead of sit, however.

Luckily, we met Jillian. She was setting up for another event, but was much more interested in brainstorming with us. She answered every question we had. She showed us chair options. She shared her thoughts on what worked well with other events she has worked. I checked out the gardens to start to think about flowers that would compliment the natural background. Oh, and Bailie fed the truffle hunting pigs who call the garden home. We took photos so we could go home and review if needed.

Satisfied with our data collection, we headed down the road to a few local wineries – Darby and Dusted Valley. We came home with a few new bottles to sample – and a wine club membership. Bill liked Dusted Valley as much as I did back at our final Walla Walla Girls Weekend stop.

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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