A Day of Chaos; Now in Order

Ahhhh, the ups and downs of sleep deprivation. Much emotion, chaos that ends in relaxation and wisdom. And the biggest surprise…wisdom came from my recent teenager.

The morning:

  • 4:15 alarm
  • 5:00 arrive at pool, launch Lync for conference call with Paris
  • 6:40 back on the road home with a round about trip to Top Pot
  • 7:00 back online
  • 7:55 rush to pool for second practice
  • Back online
  • 9:26 realized I was to be a pool 10 minutes ago
  • Rush to pool
  • 9:45 with 15 minutes to next meeting, time to shower
  • 9:58 back online
  • Work until 11:10

Out the door for swim “Dream” seminar hosted by USA Olympian Ariana Kukos. Parents stayed for introductions and stories of her swimming career, and returned early for a chat with the her mother on parenting an athlete.

Now to the office:

  • 1:50 arrive in the office, really cafeteria as 10 min to close and need lunch
  • Meeting
  • Meeting
  • Meeting , somewhere in the third meeting Bailie fell asleep on my office floor
  • 4:50 last email sent, rush out to Tam O’Shanter for swim meet

Arrive at swim meet at 5:20, only 20 minutes late. Downpour. Thunder. And the pool is emptied. By 5:50, the meet is cancelled. Now on to the joy of traffic. Not home until 7. Quickly made soup…

And as we started to gather at the table, Bailie pulls out the dominos for Mexican Train. Relax. Breathe. Enjoy dinner and impromptu family time. At the icing on the cake. Final comment before bed from the teenage: “I am amazing and no one can take that away from me.” Now that is wisdom. And an inspiration for a simple poem:


Thunder. Down pour. Another clap of thunder.

Whistle. Cancelled (swim meet).

Traffic (hideous).

Dinner. (Simple) taco soup. Mexican train night ensues.

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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