Ring (Hunting)

Bill selected a beautiful engagement ring so many months ago. And now it time to find a band that matches. And his ring.

We started the hunt with an idea. Find a few key jewelry stores known for a wide selection so we can get an idea or an inspiration. After two adventures to stores, we had found our inspirations:

HIS: Truthfully, he knew more what he wanted before we started shopping. A big washer would do. Stainless steel. The adventure solidified it. And my jewelry expert said we would get the best price shopping online. (He bought two to make sure he got the version he liked best.)

MINE: I started thinking I wanted a band that wrapped around my engagement ring, possibly where my ring set between two bands. However, it took two seconds for me to realize that was a no-go. I also wanted to be able to wear my wedding band as a standard alone ring at times. And that looked stupid to just wear one. Next…

I thought I would like stones in the wedding band. Maybe a narrow band. Again, didn’t like a thing. Narrow bands look like they are missing something. Stones set the band to high and covered the filigree that makes my engagement ring perfect. Next…

My jewelry expert Alyson stopped by to help me with another jewelry request. And so I picked her brain about my band ideas. And we looked at a few websites. She gave brilliant advice:

  • To get the band width where I wanted it, an etched band was a better solution. Stones would like make the band too deep.
  • One ring that was an option was rose gold, which she agreed would compliment my band.
  • Finding a jeweler that specialized in etching would likely be the best solution.

Then my other expert lead me to Nique Jewelers in Bellevue (she is a wedding expert as she got married less than a year ago, making her an expert in my eyes!). And between her expertise and Alyson’s direction, we found a winner! (Admittedly, it was on our second visit).

First Visit

Bailie and I stopped in to see what the opportunity may be at Nique. The parking lot was packed and we circled. Then we rang the bell to get in. And quickly shared the direction I wanted to go. Immediately we were whisked back to the design room where we saw the wall full of wax ring molds. This is what we needed to know – I was ready to bring Bill back in.

Second Visit

I drug Bill into the shop again on our way to our tasting night. And in 15 minutes, we walked out with a ring! They had an option in their case that was so close to what I wanted – and they were able to modify it. Hunting expedition complete!


Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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