Ready. Set. Move.

I remember once seeing a list of the biggest stressors in life. Moving. New Job. Death. Birth. Weddings. The crazy people we are, instead of just planning a wedding this summer, we added a little move. Or at least moving 10 minutes north seems like it should be a little move.

Phase One. House Hunting.

As reported a bit ago, Bailie is focused on school plans, a big change of scenery for the eighth grade. And this means we have to move. This summer. Hopefully before the wedding as school will start less than three weeks after the big day. And worst of all, this meant less hours to work on wedding plans. So the invitations were sent late. The flower hunting was put on hold. We didn’t make time to put together the event details, select the menu, write our vows…and a whole long list of stuff we didn’t even think about.

We started by scouring online sites for rental options. Learning as we go the Issaquah School District boundaries. Emailed with the school registrar. Learned the tricks of the trade on how to validate school. Drove by every location we could find online (a whole seven options) to see where we wanted to be. Reached out to set-up tours. Many times to no response. Found one house. Out of several applications, we were not selected. Found another house, a bit big for us but Bill started day-dreaming about the dinner parties he could host. Tried one more. Got it! And it is less than a two block walk from our favorite little produce stand, a decent meat market and a fish butcher that may make us happy.

Phase Two. The documents.

What a pain disorganized property managers are. It seems so simple; first application in approved gets it. We sat down right there and filled it out. But she didn’t even have a pen; instead rummaged through the current occupants drawers to find one. Then she prattled on about taking over this property at the last minute and how she was leaving the next day on vacation. Should have been a sign. She loses documents (like deposits), sends crabby emails, goes on about how much is on her plate. You would think since we own two houses – she would be working us to manage our properties. However, not one interaction with her has even been average. Each time, she disappoints. But I will stop there, enough documentation.

Phase Three. Move weekend #1.

We took possession on July 1, and began preparing to start the move through the holiday weekend. And that started with a trip to Home Depot for the important stuff: Flowers to add color to a very boring yard, patio furniture so we can begin enjoying the patio and other odds and ends for both the move-in and to prepare the condo for renters. The rest of the weekend is a blur…

  • planting flowers, after cutting back the overgrown foliage around the front porch
  • renting a uhaul and moving everything of Bill’s out of storage as well as most of Bailie’s room and storage at our house
  • as many empty boxes as we could pack in the condo
  • and then unpacking in as much as we could

And yes, there was enough kitchen in Bill’s belongings to make a complete dinner at the new house at the end of it all.

Phase Four. Move weekend #2.

The next page in the moving book was orchestrated perfectly by me. Bailie had a swim meet on the other peninsula. A great time to move the rest! Bill conquered the rest of the move with the help of my parents. So we came home to a new bed the next day – and lots of stuff to unpack everywhere. Each night that week we either worked on cleaning the condo or unpacking and setting up our new home. And watering and fertilizing my growing flowers. It felt very productive! And somewhere in there, we got the wedding invitations sent out with our new address! And we made time for a tasting night and follow-up appointment to start planning the details of our wedding event.

Phase Five. Guests.

The move almost seemed complete by the end of July as we had a few photos on the walls. But it really wrapped up when Bill’s family arrived on Saturday. We frantically hung photos on the stairwell, organized wine into both the “everyday” wine rack and the wine storage “cellar” and found homes for most of the last items (even if it meant a temporary closet). If we are ready for five guests, we must be moved in!

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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