Hunting (Flowers)

Unlike most brides, I didn’t put a lot of thought here. The garden setting was so beautiful, I knew I needed simple flowers to compliment it. And nothing more.

I started with knowing what colors of flowers I wanted. My favorite. Of course. Red, with some oranges. Maybe a little contrast with blues. This I knew prior to selecting the venue.

And we looked at photos. Bill wanted the French bistro style table. White linens. Little vases. Little color. Also knew this when we picked the location.

Pause. We didn’t think about flowers again. Literally months. Nothing from about February to May.

Then in May, while away in Walla Walla, flowers popped in my head again. Because Bill sent the perfect bouquet. It was waiting for us when we arrived at Saffron for dinner the first night. Small square vase, lots of red and oranges. Perfect. We need 12. And Bailie confirmed it at the end of the weekend when I arrived home with the flowers.

And after the Walla Walla trip, it was time to get down to business and finish our wedding plan. We contacted a florist recommended by our photographer – and we visited the space again. The florist had a long questionnaire. It was good to articulate our thoughts. But the quote was more than I was ready to pay. And then, by magic, at my shower my aunt (a former florist) offered her assistance. We decided to take her up on it. Even though we knew that added more stress to the event. She had lots of ideas. Fabulous ones. But in the end, we decided to stick with the plan for small bursts of color to contrast with our white linen experience. And she was clear that she could do boutonnieres and corsages, but bridal bouquets were out of her comfort zone.

Fast forward to late July/early August. Days before the wedding. And time to really focus on flower resources:

  • Bill had seen a succulent flower boutonniere that he liked, so those “materials” were sourced in family gardens.
  • Now to find a cost-effective resource for flowers. Farmer’s market, here we come! A local grower sells flowers at the edge of their farm – and at the market. So one week before the wedding, Bailie and I went down and picked out the flowers for our pre-order. Then the day before, we picked them up. And the costs was less than one bouquet at a florist.
  • And the bridal bouquets – ordered eight days prior to the wedding from a florist partner of Willows Lodge. Right on the way to the venue so it would be less than five minutes of time. Walked in the cooler and picked my favorite flowers. Selected a ribbon color. And in less than 30 minutes had just what Bailie and I would need.

Now if I only had photos to showcase the end result. Maybe someday (a bride can dream, right?)

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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