One Fine Week

Well, I’ll start by saying “fine” isn’t the best description. But since it is the week leading up to “One Fine Day”, I am just rolling with it as a general term. Where in fact, any bride (or groom) knows that the week leading up the wedding day can better be described as chaos with a heavy scoop of stress.

So here is a recap of the seven days prior to our wedding day:

Thursday:: The day after our biggest release of the year to the field. The release that was put on hold by the new leadership team (Microsoft had a major re-org last month) a mere five business days prior to release. So today, I am not thinking about our wedding in one week. I am thinking about the next steps in the scramble to finish rolling back all of the work I had done to prepare for this release. So nothing would break over the time I was out. The day was all work, no life. And then arriving home after work, it was a scramble to finish moving in before Bill’s family arrived on Saturday. I think the only wedding talk of the night was trying to get the menu finalized (so we could get menu’s printed at Bill’s work on Friday and solidifying our meeting with the officiant on Saturday).

Friday:: A morning flurry after working out…get menus done to send to Bill, figure out what paper to exchange for the menus while in Bellevue later, pay a bit of attention in meetings, get the office at some point. Finish work and set my out-of-office up (what clever things do you say in an out of office where most of your co-workers are also on vacation anyway?) Exchanges at the paper store. Home for another flurry of move in activity. Get photos from last summer in frames so that the house doesn’t look all about my photos and like Bill doesn’t exist. Crash…

Saturday:: Quick trip to our favorite Café Besalu to meet John, the officiant. Walk through notes about the ceremony. He was excited to be done with duties and just get to enjoy dinner. And he caused me a bit more work; he liked that the seating chart mixed people up. He dared me to go a step further and not let couples sit together. Challenge taken, big guy. I like it. And if it fails miserably, I know who to blame. It’s still before noon – time to head to Nordstrom to pick up all of our tailoring. Then home for last minute cleaning/hiding (all the wine is around the living room floor instead of under the stairs as the new wine rack was put in last night!). Bill runs to the store for lunch supplies while Bailie and I focus on “being as ready as we can around the house”. Before I know it is time to head to my eyelash appointment (got lash extensions as I have sound advice that it keeps the time in makeup down at weddings and surrounding events). Not sure the best part of getting the extensions, but sure appreciated the nap! Now home about four (during which Bill’s brother arrived, he shows the condo and headed to the airport to pick up his mother). Time to prepare a feast for the Meyer family, the Starkey’s and us – and more importantly, enjoy an evening on the new patio where we dined on the new furniture that arrived on Friday!

Sunday:: The tourist day! This was the only day we could afford to host Bill’s family and not work on wedding details. Our house felt like a bed and breakfast in the morning as the breakfast spread covered the kitchen island. Then we gathered the troops and headed out for a kayaking excursion on Lake Washington. I tried to arrange the grouping so I could kayak with Bill. However, Bailie panicked that it would be tough for her and Ben to keep up. So Bill was stuck with Ben – and Bailie was mine. Together the two of us girls got into a nice paddling rhythm! And no one was too wet at the end of the adventure. We headed home to an evening feast – Bailie had ordered ribs!

Monday:: Chaos set in today! And the stress of all the final details. Luckily, exercise helps! Leann and I started early with boot camp at 5:15. The house was stirring when we arrived home – and by a bit after 8 am the first golfers arrived. Yes, the guys were headed out on a golf day. Bailie and I also left the rest of our guest to their own devices as I had an acupuncture appointment, she had a dentist appointment and we needed to run more errands – I still needed a sash for my dress, to pick up my necklace, and a long list of little items. It was also good to spend time alone with my girl, as this would be the only time this week that she was able to function in the old world of the two of us. We finished our to do list (or enough of it anyway, or so I thought) and hustled home to meet the golfers. And to learn they were running later, much later, than Bill planned.

Dinner for the group was at my Mom and Dad’s, by design. In hopes of making life easier. But as we

Tuesday:: Girls day. Except Bailie bailed. She talked Papa into taking her and her soon to be cousins to the lake to visit Aunt Shirley. And fish. And swim. And kayak.

So the rest of the new family – my Mom, his Mom, my soon-to-be sister-in-law, started our day on the town. First stop, Theo’s Chocolate tour. Well worth the time for the variety of chocolates sampled. And the chocolate facts and lessons were fascinating. Then we wondered around Fremont and found a greek spot to nosh before heading over to the Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Then the whole family gathered for dinner at Dim Tai Fung for our favorite dumplings. I got the joy of having all the kids ride home with me – and snuck in a surprise trip to Dairy Queen. And then the rest of the night went sideways into emotional craziness. The worst part – the long list of last minute details went untouched.

Wednesday:: Another day that started with exercise and a long list of to dos for both the wedding and tonight’s Welcome Dinner. Luckily, had my life-long friend call early and come and join me for a most of the day. It was great to have someone to balance me out – a true savior. We picked up dozens of flowers and delivered them to my Mom’s for that team to create the center pieces. We ran a few more errands, took care of making cookies and brownies for dinner that night. And then Jen snuck me away for a nail appointment. It felt like the slowest nail appointment of my life as the many details (menus to assemble, place cards to finish, music playlist to type up and the list went on and on). We arrived home in time to encourage Bill to select my attire for the night (since my thoughts of shopping this week were only a delusion), iron clothes (and have the power go out in part of the house) and create some sort of centerpiece to decorate tonight’s tables. Shortly after, the rain started to fall. Just in time for our OUTDOOR Welcome Dinner. It just wasn’t going to be an easy night, now was it? And now less than 24 hours are left to stress about the wedding details…

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Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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