With all of the wedding expenses, we made specific choices in our planning with thoughts of recycling beyond the typical drying flowers and using for decoration (yes, the roses from my bouquet are decorating our bathroom in a wine jug from the welcome dinner). So far, we have reused:

  • Portalupi wine/milk bottles are on display
  • The patio is strung with café lights the created the perfect dinner atmosphere
  • My wedding shoes have been worn on a few date nights – and will be packed for the honeymoon
  • Votive are reused often; creating the perfect light for a massage or bath after a long week
  • Decorative plates will be reused for holiday dinner parties

Bailie has already out-grown her shoes, and hopes to wear her dress again. I think someday I may shorten mine. And, Bill, he will surely recycle his attire.

Back to Swim

Every fall the world normalizes in our household. One may guess that is due to the return of school and the daily routine refresh a new year provides. But not in our household. Rather it is the return to the pool after the prior season ended in late July. And this year was an exceptional return. She was already moved up in March, so she entered the pool knowing the coach and expectations, plus she felt like a more competitive member of the group. And with the move this summer, and the new school, it was great to have the comfort of both the pool and the coach.

As a side note, I expect next year to remain somewhat the same. However, she plans to swim high school which means only two to three weeks without pool time as she will start mid-August.

First Day of (Public) School

As Labor Day weekend loomed, the nervousness for the first day of school was hard to keep under wraps. To prepare over the last week, Bailie had:

  • Spend an afternoon on the lake, tubing and getting advise from two friends. The ins and outs of riding the bus. The right clothes to wear. Signs to pay attention to for finding good friends. Meeting location for the first day of school.
  • New student orientation, where Bailie was the only student brave enough to come without her parents. She insisted our support was not needed. And walked to Grandma and Grandpa’s afterwards.
  • A long day of school supply, clothes and shoe shopping where she was able to find everything she wanted. And gave lots of hugs and thank yous! Along with many incredulous looks on how much this day was costing. Personally, it was gratifying for her continuous heartfelt thanks. We had put her through a lot of emotions this summer, so it was very rewarding to feel her love under the stress of change.

At the end of the long weekend, the bus schedule and route number was memorized, the location to meet her friends programming in her brain and her first day of school breakfast needs identified. It was time for bed.

And before she knew it the sun was up, she was ready to go with a full belly. In a few short hours, all the angst was gone. The nerves faded. And she fully enjoyed her first day at her new school. She was full of how great the day was, how funny her Language Arts teacher was, stories of kids she met, riding the bus, fixing her schedule as she had two PE classes and no elective. What a great start to the year!


Summer 2013 – Top 10 Lists

This week after dinner, we each made our top 10 things of Summer 2013 lists.

Bailie’s List:

  1. Sprout arrived! She brought a new bunny home the first week in June
  2. No trips to Minnesota
  3. Grew taller than Grandma which was more important than hitting the 5 foot mark (and still growing)
  4. Lots of tubing with friends and family on local lakes
  5. My first rabbit show at Kelsey Creek (maybe it was the Reserve Champion in Fit & Show that was the most exciting)
  6. Caught a big fish (lots of fish actually, I think she fished about 5 days in total)
  7. New house, new room
  8. Lots (and lots) of good food
  9. Swimming at A Champs (goal for a few years, but didn’t really enjoy it as much as she thought she would)
  10. Two weeks of dive camp

Bill’s List:

  1. Got married
  2. New family, especially Bailie (his words were “got Bailie’)
  3. Family visited
  4. New house
  5. Has shop space (three car garage has tons of work space)
  6. Gifted a champagne sabre
  7. Lost 25 pounds
  8. Received a new nickname (from Bailie)
  9. Built a very cool wine rack
  10. Met Terry Theise, wine blogger, importer, writer extraordinaire

My List:

  1. Married (Duh!)
  2. New House
  3. Bailie turned 13 (and all I got was the official “mother-of-a-teenager” life)
  4. Bailie met her goal to go to A Champs
  5. All of my spa days! Thanks to my co-workers, friends (Heidi & MIchele) and my husband
  6. Wedding ring shopping (maybe my favorite part of the wedding planning process)
  7. Kick butt summer at work – lots of challenges to solve that lead to success
  8. Followed by a fantastic annual review!
  9. A new yard to fill with color and back patio to enjoy (last night’s fire was a ahighlight)
  10. Bailie finding her 4-H niche – making new friends and building confidence as she shows her rabbits and presents in public formats