Summer 2013 – Top 10 Lists

This week after dinner, we each made our top 10 things of Summer 2013 lists.

Bailie’s List:

  1. Sprout arrived! She brought a new bunny home the first week in June
  2. No trips to Minnesota
  3. Grew taller than Grandma which was more important than hitting the 5 foot mark (and still growing)
  4. Lots of tubing with friends and family on local lakes
  5. My first rabbit show at Kelsey Creek (maybe it was the Reserve Champion in Fit & Show that was the most exciting)
  6. Caught a big fish (lots of fish actually, I think she fished about 5 days in total)
  7. New house, new room
  8. Lots (and lots) of good food
  9. Swimming at A Champs (goal for a few years, but didn’t really enjoy it as much as she thought she would)
  10. Two weeks of dive camp

Bill’s List:

  1. Got married
  2. New family, especially Bailie (his words were “got Bailie’)
  3. Family visited
  4. New house
  5. Has shop space (three car garage has tons of work space)
  6. Gifted a champagne sabre
  7. Lost 25 pounds
  8. Received a new nickname (from Bailie)
  9. Built a very cool wine rack
  10. Met Terry Theise, wine blogger, importer, writer extraordinaire

My List:

  1. Married (Duh!)
  2. New House
  3. Bailie turned 13 (and all I got was the official “mother-of-a-teenager” life)
  4. Bailie met her goal to go to A Champs
  5. All of my spa days! Thanks to my co-workers, friends (Heidi & MIchele) and my husband
  6. Wedding ring shopping (maybe my favorite part of the wedding planning process)
  7. Kick butt summer at work – lots of challenges to solve that lead to success
  8. Followed by a fantastic annual review!
  9. A new yard to fill with color and back patio to enjoy (last night’s fire was a ahighlight)
  10. Bailie finding her 4-H niche – making new friends and building confidence as she shows her rabbits and presents in public formats

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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