First Day of (Public) School

As Labor Day weekend loomed, the nervousness for the first day of school was hard to keep under wraps. To prepare over the last week, Bailie had:

  • Spend an afternoon on the lake, tubing and getting advise from two friends. The ins and outs of riding the bus. The right clothes to wear. Signs to pay attention to for finding good friends. Meeting location for the first day of school.
  • New student orientation, where Bailie was the only student brave enough to come without her parents. She insisted our support was not needed. And walked to Grandma and Grandpa’s afterwards.
  • A long day of school supply, clothes and shoe shopping where she was able to find everything she wanted. And gave lots of hugs and thank yous! Along with many incredulous looks on how much this day was costing. Personally, it was gratifying for her continuous heartfelt thanks. We had put her through a lot of emotions this summer, so it was very rewarding to feel her love under the stress of change.

At the end of the long weekend, the bus schedule and route number was memorized, the location to meet her friends programming in her brain and her first day of school breakfast needs identified. It was time for bed.

And before she knew it the sun was up, she was ready to go with a full belly. In a few short hours, all the angst was gone. The nerves faded. And she fully enjoyed her first day at her new school. She was full of how great the day was, how funny her Language Arts teacher was, stories of kids she met, riding the bus, fixing her schedule as she had two PE classes and no elective. What a great start to the year!


Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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