Date Night: El Rincon de Juan Carlos

In approximately 30 km, we never had a straight stretch of road for more than two football fields with the exception of a few of the towns. The good news was that most of the road was wider than our drive up the hill at home. We arrived in Los Gigantes about an hour and a half before our reservation. As we wandered about town, we found that most of the tourists were older than my parents. The amount of canes and walking aids was amazing!

Of course, this was date night. So we always change in the car and refresh ourselves for date night when we are on the road. However, I had prime parking spot in front of a busy tavern with a porch full of people. Bill found us a changing room on the patios across the street, protected by the local vegetation. We soon strolled arm-in-arm into El Rincon de Juan Carlos and took our seats at a little well-lit table for two. We enjoyed a delicious three-course meal that started with a round of sherry and was accompanied by a bottle of Temperanillo from the Rioja region:


His :: Black truffle chips shaved over a bed of thinly sliced pork neck and eggs

Hers :: Canarian black pudding stuffed ravoli with cream foam and local honey


His :: Slow-cooked pork ribs with sautéed vegetables

Hers :: Roasted lamb, melting in mouth, with local vegetables with a side of buttery, smooth mashed potatoes


His :: Rum ice cream over a vanilla cake

Hers :: Rose ice cream with orange cake and a sweet, but tangy form

A perfect meal to prepare us for the drive back to the north. Luckily, Bill was content to stay awake and talk to me through the drive.

Author: sheilashultz

Search marketer by day, full-time Mom by night...always looking for ways to find a few moments of "me" time.

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