Regrets? Nahhhhhh!

What??? The year has gone by already? It can’t be time to celebrate my birthday, can it?

Yep, in fact it is a day past. But last year, I celebrated for a year. So this year, it can’t just last one day. A month is probably more like it! But enough about next year…

Wow, have I had an amazing year!

  • A long list of fabulous plans at the start of the year: So much fun with friends…great wine, great food, FABULOUS FUN! Several great trips to the Bay Area, Portland, Vegas, SLO, Victoria, LA, NYC, Walla Walla, Chicago, Hawaii, Portland.
  • Unexpected changes: A new chapter in my career. A new relationship that continues to be full of adventure and laughter.
  • More new shoes than I have blogged about. The only category that didn’t see 40 (online). Between Bailie and I we probably made it (maybe I will review our closets and post the true number in the future).

Of course, every reflection has to have a “what would I have changed” section. Otherwise, can it really be reflection? I would have exercised more. Switching job plus eating so many good meals shows in my favorite jeans. The one thing that tops my “to do, but didn’t list”:

Dedicate 40 hours over the year to scrapbook my life and all the things I love about it.

So my goal for this year:  Scrapbook my first decade. Got started last week by taking slides in to make prints (thankfully only the first five years have slides!) Maybe I will keep blogging and post some great photos.

Regardless, I have absolutely no regrets! What a F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S year. All 365 days!

Chef in the Hat, V2

As a Christmas present, I found tickets to a Microsoft/FareStart Fundraiser dinner featuring one of our favorites, Chef  Thierry Rautureau. What better way to enjoy a great meal while supporting an amazing program. FareStart is a a culinary program that helps people find their second chance.

Tonight was the night! We arrived in time for the champagne, of course.

The menu…

Smoked Trout with celery root, gribiche sauce and capers Crispy and delicious!

Guinea fowl consommé, mushroom, root vegetable Warm and comforting. 

Wagyu beef, salt spiced rub, potato-parsnip gratin, pickled apple and carrot, Harissa/sage sauce I could have used another serving of the potato-parsnip gratin

Chocolate gateau, hazelnut, meringue Pure chocolate heaven, of course

After the service, the fun began. Chef Thierry introduced the student chefs that assisted in the preparations and talked about the FareStart program. Then he talked about food. And more food. And more of his favorite foods. He also opened the floor to questions. We learned the best places in Seattle for croissants. And advice on making charcuterie. And laughed at suggestions for what not to feed your kids. Or how not to use your new food processor.

And we went home with a few bottles of wine from the silent auction. It was also fun to thumb through the Microsoft Cookbooks (two volumes of recipes from MSFT employees around the world). What a delicious, fabulous night.

Spa Day = Heaven

One of my original things was to schedule a monthly spa day. Looking back, I didn’t realize how ambitious that would be. At least I ended the year on a high note at Helle Skin Sanctuary. Found them on Groupon…and I will be back. As soon as possible.

Their website says it best…”Tucked away in gorgeous old Georgetown, Helle is a sanctuary from urban grime and pretentiousness.”

Expecting to find Helle right on the main drag, it was just a few blocks away. In a older Victorian house. Filled with beautiful trim. Painted rich colors. Playing a great iPod playlist. Included “Just a Little Lovin Early in the Morning”. Haven’t heard that song forever. What a classic.

And for the spoiling…

  • Angel Face: A 60 minute facial, complete with an excellent pressure point scalp massage.
  • Dead Sea Salt Glow: Jump-start your circulation with all-over exfoliation. My skin really felt like it glowed.

I walked out refreshed, re-energized and hungry. Thankfully, she recommended Hanger Cafe next door. What a delicious crepe. Every minute of this me-time adventure was FABULOUS!

We provide top notch skincare services in an its-o.k.-if-youre-not-feeling-quite-so-zen environment.

Maybe you’re no angel, but we’re gonna make you look like one!



One of my favorite things about living in the beautiful Pacfic Northwest is that we generally have winter. Winter that can be driven to within an hour. Or viewed on a sunny day, enjoying the distant blanket of snow on the Olympics. Or the Cascades.

And about every five years, we deal with snow and ice for about a week. We must have been due this year.

So with less than six hours into our power outage, it was time to find a solution. My laptop battery had died. My iPad was at less than 50% battery. My smartphone only wanted to text. Emergency calls only. Enough is enough.

Rescue me!

We arrived at our “shelter” to a warm meal. Handmade sausage. Rich pasta sauce. Farella. YUM!

And Casa de Meyer didn’t stop with a meal. Hospitality galore. The evening wrapped up snuggled under blankets, watching Food Network. Sipping on a glass (bottle) of Saldo. Then, bring on dessert. Fresh raspberries. Chocolate sauce. Whipped cream. Chocolate pound cake.

Is it really winter outside? I forget. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a storm like this one to slow down, enjoy life with good company and good food. But this was FABULOUS company and FABULOUS food! Much appreciated!


Such a simple word. That’s a crock!

For years, my mother has collected stuff. Art supplies. Keepsakes. Chotskies. Scraps of fabric from sewing projects completed long ago. And so, so, so much more. Growing up there was always a room of it. Albeit a small room. Now, it has taken over any chance at a guest room in her house – and the garage.

After the holidays, I suggested that she may give some of it away. I told her that I’m reaching out to the organization that we worked through to sponsor a family at the holidays to donate some of my used items, including a bed. She asked for the bed instead, stating she was ready to simplify her room and have a bed for the Bai. (Yes, my jaw came off its hinge.) So I offered to help.

Mission accomplished. Took a month. And lots of energy. More deep breaths. Started with pre-clutter removal and planning. Moved onto removal of furniture and “stuff” that can be parted with. Then a trip to IKEA for shelf units and work table. Building IKEA pieces. A two week hiatus (for me) while she organized. Finally moving of the bed from my house (now I get to purge the treasures that I stored underneath).

The most fun: While quickly organizing the garage to make room for pieces of furniture that needed to vacate the bedroom, we found a crock. And I have been hunting through antique stores and goodwill to find one to complete my new kitchen. So, as Bill says, “What a crock.” But, I got a crock. (And it was my grandmothers, so I got a family heirloom. Now I just need to find a butter churn.

Follow-up Note: maybe the biggest benefit was the inspiration to dig deeper into my own simplification. That third bedroom ends up collecting and storing more than I realized! Two trips to the Goodwill down. More to go. And a better guest hideout for future visitors.


For the past six years, my daily job role has included cars. Although I don’t love cars like I do shoes, I appreciate lines of a beautifully designed automobile. I don’t get into the technical stuff, as gas mileage and interior comfort are my hot buttons. Didn’t even test drive anything that didn’t get 40 mpg when I bought my last car. So to attend the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, my excitement can be described as luke warm.

Now that I have arrived, two words come to mind: Circus. Testosterone.

Once I got beyond those two themes, I did enjoy analyzing the format of the booths, the vast size (many were five times the size of a dealership showroom), and the ability to check out so many dream cars within such a confined space. And it was fun to take a few photos of the madness. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And outside of the show, the January Detroit weather was amazing. It was nice enough for walks through Greektown (and discovery of the Astoria bakery) and to venture to a few evening events…including Maroon 5 (which made the double digit girl want to hitch a ride in my suitcase).


The New Year’s in Mercedes-speak. Or German. You choose.

The evening was an affair to celebrate the 2011 success and to Preview of the new generation of the Mercedez-Benz SL. What a way to open my media adventures @ NAIAS (or the North American International Auto Show)…FABULOUS.


Free flowing cocktails. Tray after tray of bite-sized goodness. Steak tartar. Beef wellington. Apple almond tartlet. Shrimp in lemon chipotle sauce. Am I on the set of Mad Men? I didn’t follow the Mad Men tradition, instead enjoying the house red wine (a Cab from Ste. Michelle) and champagne.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A stage. Live music. {{What an amazing voice!}} Is this a concert? Oh, wait! I hear an engine reving up. First, the original SL drove onto the stage. Then heads turn for the new SL. Red, of course!

Post- announcement

My weakness were in full form at this point in the night! We were served a “strolling” dinner. The courses just kept coming and coming…and I kept eating…and eating. There must have been 10 dinner choices before the dessert round started! I restrained myself, trying:

My Fabulous Favorite
  • Gnocchi with roasted chicken and pesto mousse
  • Beet salad on a bed of candied walnuts
  • Decadent hand-rolled tortellini filled with cheese covered with cream and truffles (hands down my favorite)
  • A trio of sushi
  • A yummy creamy risotto
  • And for dessert…a cake ball (but filled with raspberry mousse), an amazing trio of cheese with honeycomb and creme brulee

Editor’s Note: Later in the week, we learned about the ramp that is build each year inside the hotel to get the showcase cars to the fourth floor of the conference areas. It was way to expensive for me to fathom. That is all I am saying.

The Location:

The Westin Book Cadillac |  1114 Washington Boulevard  | Detroit, MI | 313.442-1600 | Website 

Holiday Baking Traditions

Another great way I enjoy the holidays is finding a new treat recipe to try…and possibly add to the list for next year. This year’s attempt knocked it out of the park. F – A – B – U – L – O – U – S.

If you don’t know, I am sucker for a great caramel dipped in super dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. I know these days you can find them almost anywhere. Most of them are over priced and not very good. Fran’s (who rumored to create this treat) are my baseline. Boehm’s are my favorites. Partly because the caramel outweighs the chocolate. And I get four bites from each square. {{Maybe nibble is a better word.}} 

So in honor of my love of sea salt and caramel (plus dark chocolate dipping skills learned a few month ago), I went in search of a recipe. I settled on one of Ina’s.

Fleur de sel caramels

{{Decided it was better to get the caramel right instead of worrying about finding the double-whammy of chocolate and caramel.}} My touch was using both fleur de sel and chocolate fleur de sel – and I used more than the recipe called for both in melting and sprinkling. I also figured out that I don’t have a candy thermometer. But never fear, Bing gave me a great tip on how to use a glass of water as my temperature gauge. Bottom line: Thank you, Ina! 

And the next day (after restraining myself from sitting down and eating the whole batch), I did a little semi-sweet chocolate dipping. The downside of this recipe is you do have to refrigerate – and the chocolate gets a bit too hard. Still, after 10 minutes, the chocolate fleur de sel caramel was DELICIOUS!

An Evening Downtown

What a better way to enjoy the holidays than an evening under the lights around downtown Seattle including dinner in the market and a performance at Benaroya Hall? Even Ebenezer Scrooge would have been in the holiday spirit by the end of the night!

We started with dinner at Il Bistro.

Our appetizers: 

  • Bruschetta al Pomodoro  Grilled Tuscan Bread, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil, Sicilian Olive Oil
  • Carpaccio Thinly Sliced Beef Tenderloin, White Truffle Citronette, Shaved Parmigiano, Capers, Red Onion & Arugula
  • Antipasto Misto A Selection of Italian Salumi with Smoked Mozzarella & Marinated Vegetables

My entree:

Gnocchi — Housemade Potato Dumplings in a Sweet Tomato Sauce with Romano Cream, Basil & Parmesan

My dessert:

Torta Cioccolato — Flourless Chocolate-Espresso Tort with Raspberry Coulis & Fresh Cream

And finished at Benaroya Hall enjoying Handles Messiah.

Each year, I think I will get tickets for Handels Messiah. The radio commericals always pull me in! And this year, we finally got our act together and got tickets early (at the Day of Music).

Our balcony seats provided an excellent view of the Seattle Symphony, the Seattle Symphony Chorale and the soprano, the tenor, the counter-tenor and the baritone. We were so close that you could see the conductor’s emotion as he turned toward musicians to his left.  {{We could also see the un-natural blonde streaks in the counter-tenors hair, Bai pointed out several times.}} Of course, the “Hallelujah” chorus stole the show. FABULOUS!

Oh, and some one now wants to learn to play the violin.

The location:

Il Bistro | 93A Pike Street | Seattle WA | 206.682.3049 | Website