Graveyard Tombstone Red

On our final day in Paso Robles, we were directed to this great little winery at the end of a road by what else? A graveyard. We found several great bottles. Then later at home, we decided we should have got a case. I think the fact that we already had two cases kept us from getting a case on the spot. So I took matters into my own hands – and ordered a case (what would I do without UPS?).

And the winery says…

Guilt free pleasure! This is a fantastic wine that was designed to be enjoyed daily. A unique blend of Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petite Sirah that was barrel aged in both French and American oak. Fully dry, with great fruit and supple tannins, and the bottom line is that it’s fun! A great example of the fine art of blending. The perfect everyday, goes well with all types of food, won’t blow the budget type of wine. Read More…

And I say…

Half a case down. Six more evenings to relax, sip and enjoy.

365 Days – Bis on Main

A mere 365 days after the first dinner…another journey to a series of European dishes.

The starter. Potato Crusted Goat Cheese : Olive tapenade, red pepper relish, pickled onions, crostini.

The salad. Arugula Salad: Bleut de chevre, pecans & Champagne vinaigrette.

And for the entree round. 

Mine :: Potato Gnocchi : Oven dried tomatoes, pine nuts, pesto and Grana Padana .

His :: Shellfish & Saffron Risotto : Arborio rice with saffron, prawns, scallops, mussels & clams.

Followed by dessert…not to be shared!

Mine :: Berry Lemon Tarte : Fresh berries, strawberry coulis and whipped cream.

His :: Pecan Pie : Tony’s secret recipe served with fresh whipped cream ((please substitute bourbon ice cream))

All accompanied by:

  • An amazing bottle of wine — Reynvaan * 2009 * The Untamed Syrah — an ode to Walla Walla Winemaker’s Dinner that didn’t happen. Redeemed tonight.
  • A box of roses arriving at the table.
  • Fabulous conversation and reminiscing of “best” and “favorites” and “must be repeated” and what else we want to share to find new “bests”, “favorites” and “repeats”.
The Untamed Syrah deserves a little more than a bullet point. A smokey taste from start to finish. And some chocolate hints. Long, long finish. Delicious with every course. The winemaker notes “The Unnamed Syrah is loaded with aromas of peach, tangerine, wild blackberry, smoke and hints of lavender and a trace of caramel. This elegant wine is created to be enjoyed in its youth but will evolve over the next 7-8 years.”

The location:

10213 Main St | Bellevue, WA 98004 | 425.455.2033 | Website