My Shoes

The most important part of wedding shopping is the shoes! Maybe its time for my first pair of Jimmy Choo’s…

The first pair was found without a dress. It started with a slip of my foot into a pair of Jimmy’s with a little crisscross strap on the toe. Then a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin’s. That pair only lasted a few seconds – totally wrong for my arches. I really want a pair that I would want to wear again and again, not just for the main event! Luckily I found a simple pair of Badgley Mischka sling-backs, covered in silver sparkles. Comfortable, heel not to high. But after an hour wearing at home, they started to crease at the toe. Next!

Like with the dress, before investing more time in shopping, I should think more about what I want. My dream shoes would be red and strappy and perfect to peak out from under a dress on a warm summer night. Red seems to be impossible when browsing online.

Pair two also was bought before the dress. This time on a girl’s day – lunch, movies, shopping. New shoe options were in store since the pair one trip, so many new choices. None in red. I did find strappy, summer sandals fit for a wedding night. Stuart Weitzman’s with a little touch of Swarovski crystals. And my feet loves Stuart!

And now we just need to find heels for my girl…



Birthday Suit…No…Shoes

When I was a little girl, my Dad would always tease me about wearing my birthday suit on my birthday.

Today, my birthday present would make any suit look good (well, maybe not the birthday suit).

Of course, the trick was on me! My present looked like a shoe box, yet it was heavy (I was thinking no way can I wear that heavy of a shoe). And I ripped off the paper with excitement. I was right, it was my shoes! Then I opened the box with glee…to a box of garlic. WTF? (Back story: A few nights ago I went to grab a clove of garlic for the Alfredo sauce to find the keeper empty. So I texted the guest chef to find out why he used all the garlic and failed to put it on the shopping list).

The good news is that the shoes were carefully wrapped in tissue paper and in a gift bag. Yah!

The perfect spring shoe…where am I going to get to wear them first? Any suggestions?


For the past six years, my daily job role has included cars. Although I don’t love cars like I do shoes, I appreciate lines of a beautifully designed automobile. I don’t get into the technical stuff, as gas mileage and interior comfort are my hot buttons. Didn’t even test drive anything that didn’t get 40 mpg when I bought my last car. So to attend the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, my excitement can be described as luke warm.

Now that I have arrived, two words come to mind: Circus. Testosterone.

Once I got beyond those two themes, I did enjoy analyzing the format of the booths, the vast size (many were five times the size of a dealership showroom), and the ability to check out so many dream cars within such a confined space. And it was fun to take a few photos of the madness. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And outside of the show, the January Detroit weather was amazing. It was nice enough for walks through Greektown (and discovery of the Astoria bakery) and to venture to a few evening events…including Maroon 5 (which made the double digit girl want to hitch a ride in my suitcase).

Girls Night Out…

Followed by a Girls Morning Out!

First, for the night out:

We started with dinner – a quick burger and fries complete with chocolate milkshake. It was time to shop!

At Nordstroms’ Private Holiday Event. We joined the crowd to get in the door. An entry way surrounded by trays of champagne and finger foods. We headed first to the top floor for the shoes and clothes for girls. It was hard not to buy the best tee I have seen in a long time – Only Boring People Are Bored. But it didn’t come in my size!

After finishing the small size tour, it was time to see what came in Mom’s size. I found a few times to try on as did she. Then we had help from the staff. Walked out with a few items – yet not one that I picked out! My favorite was a toss up; either a green blouse perfect for this holiday (and St. Patrick’s Day too) or a comfy cobalt blue dress.

Fabulous Holiday Shoes
Can't wait to break these in!

And the final stop. Shoes. Where else do you finish a great evening? I picked up the MOST FABULOUS pair of party shoes for the holiday and beyond. Thank you, Vince!

Oh, wait. One more stop. Found the perfect purple loop scarf.

Then the morning recap:

At the Rack Holiday Event. No champagne and fancy treats. But coffee and donuts.

And lots and lots of good racks to browse. We started with the jewels. Found perfect earrings to match my shoes.

Found a peacoat/cape combination that I wasn’t in the market for. But the price was FABULOUS. And it was perfect for wearing to holiday events.

And Paige leggings at an amazing price. Yes, we found a pile of options to accompany our shopping trip last night.

Bailie isn’t sure she ever needs to get up at the crack of dawn for Black Friday. Getting home at 10:30 then heading out at 8am was not as much fun as she hoped!

Pinch Me…

I’m dreaming of the perfect pair of shoes. Wait! This pair is more FABULOUS than any shoe I have ever dreamt up! I had to stop and stare today at these shoes.

I have to say, they are even more amazing in person. I wanted to press my nose up against the window and leave fingerprints on the glass. Since it was 9am, I didn’t have to restrain myself from walking in the Jimmy Choo store. And, therefore, I didn’t have to faint when I saw the price.

Note to self: Buy lottery ticket. Win lottery. Go directly to Jimmy Choo and buy these shoes.

Simple {Shoe} Pleasures

My favorite material “thing” may be shoes. I admit it, I have a shoe obsession.

So not wearing whatever shoes I want is a downer. And for I’ve been down for over two weeks! The sea urchin spines from a snorkeling mishap made me choose my footwear wisely. But I finally extracted them all (or 20). Even better, I wore heels today. Boots. Walked a mile to the office. Felt great. Fabulous, in fact.

Yes, I am healed. Yes, I am heeled.

Now I just need to start sharing more about shoes to catch up this section of the blog to the standards set by the other sections.

Gray, Rainy Skies

Fall arrives with a down pour. Perfect day for a pair of boots from one of my favorite men. Just how do I choose which one?

  • Kenny’s lace up charcoal play on hiking boot
  • David’s leather lace ups, perfectly fitted like a riding boot
  • Sam’s over the knee option (mostly likely to turn heads)
  • Vince’s studded antique brown leather
  • or my Cole Haan black leather glove (yes, they are really boots)

I picked Sam. For the over the knee (keeps me warmer), the double buckle straps (plain fun details), the unique brownish grey color and perfect heal height (felt the need to be statuesque today).Sam - Sutton over the knee boot

The Ultimate Shoe Present

I am a “bit” of a shoe person. I will qualify that by saying not a week goes buy that someone comments on at least one pair of my shoes. {And I enjoy gracefully accepting their compliments.}

Yet, I have never thought about designing my own shoes…until now.

Tonight I got lost in the fun of designing (truly, it is customizing at a nice fee) my own shoes at Milk & Honey. I’ll admit it was hard to even stop playing and blog. My dilemma is that if I am going to design my own pair, what really is the best attributes of all of my favorite pairs combined into one? Let’s start with the easy stuff:

  • Style – No contest – Pump. Seriously, I live in Seattle. If I am going to design my own shoe, I want it to be a pair that I can wear any day I choose. Sandals need sun. Flats…well, they just tend to be boring. 
  • Heel height – No brainier – 3 inches. Not too high for walking in all day – especially if an impromptu meeting arises three blocks away or I park on the seventh floor and decide to climb the stairs to my car at the end of the day. Either is doable in 3 inches. 
  • Toe – Rounder is my first choice, just because it tends to be a classic. I do like a lot of the options, though. 
  • Closed back or strap – Oh, the dilemma begins. I can go either way. (Not ready to say both until I get a pair and decide if my feet also think they are comfortable because I much as I like shoes, I DON’T wear painful ones more than once). Lean towards strap just because I find myself gravitating towards a strap many mornings.
  • Color – Now I am overwhelmed. Red? Shade of gray? Textures? Oh, I just can’t decide. And for some reason the share link doesn’t work, so I can’ t post here to collect opinions. This feels like a decision for another day. 

Bottom line — I just might have to buy myself a pair for my 41st birthday! That gives me plenty of time to decide on color.

40 Years = 40 New Pairs of Shoes, Right?

Note: As I celebrate mid-point in my Forty Fabulous Things initiative, I have taken some time to reflect upon how fun and rewarding the journey has been. I have also thought about what I may want to add to my journal as I had many more ideas at the beginning of this process, I just was afraid I might over commit. I am no longer afraid!

A dear friend Jamey gave me a wonderful birthday card with shoes on the front and her note included the headline. So, can I report that  I almost halfway to 40 new pairs of shoes?

  • I hate to admit, I am only at a baker’s dozen.
  • If I added the assortment that Bailie has also convinced me that she “has to” have, we might be closer.
  • Can I commit to buying another 20+ pairs in the next six month? Probably not.
Instead, I am going to share with you some of the pairs I have, some of the pairs I want, and maybe even some of the pairs I see “on the street” and lust after. Stay tuned for more postings…

Impromptu Visit Includes Shoe Shopping

Years ago, I dated a man who believed you could judge character based on someone shoes and belt. I liked his logic! So even though shoe shopping was fun before knowing him, it has evolved into the best form of retail therapy.

And this “best” title was confirmed when a life-long friend came into town for her daughter’s basketball tourney. Luckily, we got to spend almost the whole weekend together catching up. We even had a grown-up sleepover. The only thing that changed from 1984 was the addition of wine! We even stayed up as late as we did back then – two night in a row.

So on this rainy Saturday, we indulged in shoes! The mission was dancing shoes for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas, so we started at the Goodwill. (Who doesn’t need already broken in shoes to toss instead of bring home?) And the shoes started at $3 a pair! Then we headed to Nordstrom Rack. Jackpot! Many of last summer’s sandals were very, very affordable.

A combined effort between two great friends yields days of beautiful feet.

All in all, 14 pairs of shoes later, it was an Freakin’ FABULOUS shoe shopping adventure. Photos prove it!