The idea list is relatively long…much longer than 40 things. I figure that it is okay to add to the list as I don’t want to be boxed into a checklist. And, who says I have to stop at 40 things. Or that I have to stop doing things when I turn 41. This is my project. My rules.

So, the list in no particular order:

  • Girlfriend’s weekend(s). So far, we have on the books…
  1. Las Vegas (sun in a must)
  2. Portland, OR
  3. San Luis Obispo
  • Just added: Weekend in either Walla Walla or Paso Robles (or both)
  • Complete a half marathon (set a goal time)
  • Take a chocolate making class.
  • Spa day (more than one! maybe monthly?)
  • Volunteer work
  • Mentor
  • Cooking class(es)
  • 40 consecutive days of fitness (and I am thinking dancing may count)
  • 40 consecutive days of good deeds
  • Write 40 letters…and mail them
  • Be creative 40 days in a row.
  • Per my friend David, do something I can not imagine myself doing. Since I can’t imagine it, I have tasked a few friends to come up with ideas.
  • Collect feedback from 40 friends, asking each friend to describe me with four adjectives (let me know if you want to be one of the 40 friends)
  • Eat 40 great meals (see bon appetite section)
  • Drink 40 wonderful glasses of wine (see sips section)
  • Dedicate 40 hours over the year to scrapbook my life and all the things I love about it.
  • Host a soup swap (see
  • Take a rock climbing class.
  • Take an Ariel arts class (thanks, Groupon for the great deal).
  • Hmmm…maybe pole dancing? cardio striptease? (Already done both, doesn’t hurt to do it again!)
  • Girls night out. Girlfriend Chris suggests it’s only complete with boas, stilettos and wigs.
  • Learn to surf (thank you, Grandma June, for the trip scheduled in October).
  • Revisit my past. Tom says a trip to Wisconsin is in order. Maybe can tag that on a work visit to Detroit.
  • My friend John suggests meeting 40 fabulous men, but that sounds like a project of it’s own! I will not post what Melissa suggested I do instead, but you can probably read between the lines.
  • Pay it forward (at least once or twice).
  • Revisit hot yoga classes.
  • Get a group of girlfriends together for Fashion Week.
  • Warrior Dash – North Bend, July 17, 1pm “heat”.  To quote an old Nike slogan, “Just Do It!”
  • Read a dozen books on the banned book list (can’t have read them in the past)
  • and more ideas to come…

2 thoughts on “List/Ideas”

  1. She..
    You need to come out and visit us on the farm. We can knock off a few of your Fabulous 40 ideas like great food, good wine and go back to WI! Blow-up mattress is always ready for you! Wait till you see what we’ve done in our 40s!!

    Love ya & Roses,
    Mary Ann (Gonka) Bellazzini

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