Port, Starboard, Port, Starboard, Port

A early ferry to Bainbridge Island under the blue summer sky started a FABULOUS weekend adventure.

We arrived at the Eagle Harbor Marina to board a sailboat. The Shultz girls were the rookie part of the crew in a sailing race. (I can could the number of times I have been on a sail boat on part of one hand. And I was a race virgin.)

  • We quickly learned a new language. Truely, we only learned a few of the many sailing terms. We perfected “TACK” (at least the rookie version). Tack means get your butt to the other side. Feet over the rail as fast as you can.
  • Color is important. There are lots of colorful ropes that some one needs to keep track of. White. White with blue flecks. Blue. Red. White with red flecks. And a few more colors. Don’t tangle to ropes, either.
  • Don’t ask me the terms for the different sails. They have already escaped my memory.

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We did have lots of FUN. Fabulous fun. Even when the tug boat wake took cold to another level when we got soaked. I didn’t know I could be so cold on an 80 degree summer day! My legs were covered with goosebumps and my hood covered my head until I warmed back up.

We finished the race behind at least three other boats. Then we headed back to Eagle Harbor. Took it a bit slower, learned a bit more about sailing downwind. Toyed with learning to let the sail catch more air. Enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Wondered if sailing downwind is always warmer. Got back to the marina and cleaned out the boat. Finally got to empty my bladder (only downside of the day).

Port Madison
Time for dinner – a salmon bake potluck at the Port Madison Yacht Club. Reminded me more of a few Harley clubhouses I have celebrated at in my “youth”. No signs to announce the location. A dirt driveway. A totem marker. Delicious salmon! Kids running around the shore, on the dock. Real summer fun!

As the sun sets, the celebration disperses. We head to the Tison hotel for an evening with my Aunt and Uncle. Sitting on their deck. Drinking Clos Du Val Cab. Watching the boats go in and out of Port Madison as the star start to light up the sky. More summer fun!

Before jumping on the ferry home, we decide to explore and enjoy the summer sun. We poke our nose into local shops (I even saw a few potential present ideas). Eat delicious Napoleon pizza at Hitchcock followed by the flavors of Mora Ice Cream (white chocolate, dulce de leche, vanilla with chocolate shavings, coconut, swiss chocolate). And we picked up our favorite Ginger cookies on our way out of town.
Yes, it was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

Sun, Deck Dining, an Open Bottle

What a FABULOUS way to start off a Friday evening…the sun was out, the air was warm, the smells of fine Italian food filled the air. And we brought a bottle of 2008 Saldo Zinfandel.

The wonderful aromas filled the air as the wine was poured into my glass. I instantly knew I would like this sip! From the moment it touched my first taste bud to the well after I swallowed, the flavors just layered on. Fruity, a bit spicy, all yummy! It tasted wonderful with the brushetta, the calamari, and the gnocchi!

Winemaker Notes

The 2008 Saldo is rich, ripe, and full-bodied, with aromas of black cherry and bramble fruit. The tannins are soft but the wine has a huge mid-palate. The soft, lush finish lingers. 2008 was a perfect vintage for Saldo. The hot weather was ideal for creating ripe zinfandel. Drink now and enjoy over the next five years.

Full Tilt

Third time is the charm! We have stopped by Full Tilt to sample their ice cream concoctions twice before only to find they were closed.

Today was our magical day.

The aroma of fresh-made waffle cones hit our nostrils before we even crossed the threshold.

Then we pressed our nosed up to the glass to peer down upon a colorful assortment of flavors, many we never have dreamt of before. (Yams in ice cream? Really?)

Before we sampled a flavor or two, we watched as a waffle cone was peeled from the hot iron. We could almost taste the cone! 

And, who am I kidding? I didn’t need to sample a thing. Give me half a scoop of salted caramel and half a scoop of chocolate. HEAVEN! Down to the last bite of carefully mixing some chocolate and some salted caramel. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

(In case you are curious, Bailie tasted a few options and settled on Blue Moon.)

Side note: Full Tilt had been on my “to dine” list for only about a year (yes, I keep notes in my iPhone about recommendations from friends, articles, etc). Last summer when my friend Jean claimed, “They must put crack in their ice cream as I was immediately addicted!”, I put Full Tilt on my list immediately. And, I agree. Turn the car around now! I need more!

Best Tacos Ever!

There are many meals that I have enjoyed lately that I could share. Some that I whip up for myself, some that I enjoy with friends, some that are prepared at Casa de Meyer, some with Bailie, some without her. So I find myself more selective than ever about the meals that I share (maybe it’s because I am too lazy to write about them).

But this one I had to share…it got TWO THUMBS up from the double digit household member. She likes most of the meals, however this one she really salivated over. It started with a slow roasted pork shoulder coated with salt, pepper and some chiles (cooked a few days ago to create a few meals this week). Add red cabbage slaw, sprinkle with queso fresco, cilantro and green onion. Wrap tortilla (frosted with sour cream). To quote the girl “Can I have another?”

And, yes, it is also FABULOUS to enjoy a family dinner…at the table…no TV…no phones ringing…no where else to be (all night).


Perfect Summer Night

It may only happen once a summer in Seattle…and this year it was last night!

Perfect weather – clear blue sky and 80 degrees. What more needs to be said?

Perfect music – The voice of Chris Isaak filled the air at Chateau Ste. Michelle. Some of the tunes were enjoyed resting in the grass, others on our feet dancing. Loved to hear some old Chris’ favorites along with some Johnny Cash and Roy Orbinson.

Perfect food – A picnic basket filled with treasures…cheese and bread, poached salmon, Mediterranean potato salad, lemon pound cake with fresh yogurt and a pile of mangos, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

{Are you jealous yet?}

Perfect beverage – Bubbly, red wine, more red wine….

Perfect company – I tease him about being my sherpa and my personal chef, however he has many other FABULOUS qualities!

The location:

Chateau Ste. Michelle | 14111 Northeast 145th St | Woodinville, WA | 425.488-1133 | Website

Locati Cellars

2007 Innovation, Columbia Valley

On our Walla Walla Weekend we came across the Locati Cellars tasting room, in part due to the my desire to taste a good Barbera. Innovation is a blend of Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese.  It tasted great with just a sip in the tasting room. And each sip on a perfect summer evening was FABULOUS!

The winemaker says:
Ruby garnet in color. Red berry fruit. Great mid palate of red berry fruit. Finishing with notes of underbrush and tilled earth. “This blend of 54% Barbera, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon and 13% Sangiovese offers an enticing raspberry, cherry and plum nose with sage scents. The flavors are generous and hearty, with tasty, forward red fruits. Bright, cherry-like fruit acids (from the Barbera) keep the wine lively, making for an ideal pasta wine.

40 Years = 40 New Pairs of Shoes, Right?

Note: As I celebrate mid-point in my Forty Fabulous Things initiative, I have taken some time to reflect upon how fun and rewarding the journey has been. I have also thought about what I may want to add to my journal as I had many more ideas at the beginning of this process, I just was afraid I might over commit. I am no longer afraid!

A dear friend Jamey gave me a wonderful birthday card with shoes on the front and her note included the headline. So, can I report that  I almost halfway to 40 new pairs of shoes?

  • I hate to admit, I am only at a baker’s dozen.
  • If I added the assortment that Bailie has also convinced me that she “has to” have, we might be closer.
  • Can I commit to buying another 20+ pairs in the next six month? Probably not.
Instead, I am going to share with you some of the pairs I have, some of the pairs I want, and maybe even some of the pairs I see “on the street” and lust after. Stay tuned for more postings…